2011 in Review – Boardgames

Like Jorge, I also think spending more time face-to-face with the people we care about is a positive thing. Boardgames are a great excuse to do just that.

Most of the time it’s not even the game itself that matters. I’ve played great games with boring groups and I’ve played boring games with great groups. The second option is always better.

Anyway, onwards to the lists.


Mansions of Madness – Horror-themed game, with a high replay value even excluding the expansions. I wrote more about it some posts ago.

Small World – The world isn’t big enough for everyone. You have to use your race’s abilities to occupy as much terrain as possible and hoard coins so you win the game.

Really Liked:

Arkham Horror – This one would be on the Favourites category if it weren’t for the time issue. It takes a lot of hours to do a full play-through of AH, so it’s harder to setup a play session everyone can attend. Too bad because Ana, on a shopping spree, got all the expansions except one and I’d love to try them sometime. Considering some of the expansions add even more play time to the game, I think a gaming weekend might be required to include them all. Something to consider.
Lesson learned from this year’s sessions: next time let’s seal the damned portals, okay guys? :p

7 Wonders – Each player controls a different civilization and has three turns to out-best their opponents. The game art, by Miguel Coimbra is amazing.

Shadows Over Camelot – I already knew this one from last year, but it remained every bit as entertaining when we played it again.

Agricola – Farming ahoy! Cool game mechanics. Wanna play it again sometime.

Wish I’d played again:

Battlestar Galactica – I’m not the only one in our more regular playgroup saying we’d like to play BSG again. I guess I’ll have to take the (non existent) dust off my game box and schedule a session next year.

Work has consumed more of our own time than it should for these last few months. I hope next year we’ll finally be able to schedule proper game sessions with a couple of friends, and that we get to play at least as much as we did during 2012.


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