LisboaCon 2011 – Here Be Games

Part of this busy weekend was spent at LisboaCon, a national boardgame convention.

Like last year’s edition, it’s an event for everyone – the games’ themes are varied as are the difficulty and game mechanics. Also, the event is entirely free.

We had a good time trying new games or simply checking out what was happening all around in the Con; board gaming, game launches, tournaments, raffles, RPG sessions, you name it. It was nice to see so many familiar faces there and catch up a bit.

As usual everyone who organized or contributed to the event was friendly and helpful, explaining rules, giving advice about games, and so on.

Mansions of Madness was one of the games we tried, and it did not disappoint at all. It requires that one of the players (which can go from 2 to 5) is a ‘game master’, and the rest play the Investigators. One of us playing the investigators knew the game well and gave us some helpful pointers, which made the game easier for us. We kept being attacked by Maniacs and Zombies, and separated from each other.

We stuck together; remember how everyone in horror movies decides to split up and usually dies? We avoided our characters deaths somehow, even with Ana always getting ‘Uncontrollable Urges’ (card name of something the GM kept throwing at us) to go off and check out a room by herself.

João kept using his character’s companion, Duke, to be a delivery boy between us and the other player playing an Investigator (who knew the game already) awesomely used a stick of dynamite and a very well-timed dice roll of 9 out of 10 to essentially turn the mobs into undead and maniac goo. My character, Joe Diamond alternated between shooting mobs, dropping his guns and almost going insane before the game ended.

Another game we tried was Discworld, which was also tons of fun, especially to Ana who is a huge Terry Pratchet fan and who was essentially having a geekgasm over the game while we played it.

LisboaCon was a fun experience and something to repeat next year.

For the full photo set go here: LisboaCon 2011.


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