Dragon Age 2 – (Very Late) Impressions

A few games that I’m more or less fancying are nearing their release dates, so it seemed like a perfect time to finish Dragon Age 2. I’d abandoned it very close to the end some time in June and I only realized I hadn’t picked it up for that long when I saw the save game date.


So, almost eight months after its release, here are some impressions.

Spoilers for DA and DA2 ahead.

The story is not nearly as epic as the first Dragon Age, and the final battle was disappointing to say the least. On DA, we killed the Archdemon on a freaking awesome battle against an über Dragon.

This time? Lots of mobs, a weird mini-boss battle against a Mage that does something out of character. Ah, screw it, we kill him.

Next? The final battle: Meredith the crazy anti-Mage obsessive Templar decides to go Super Saiyan on us. I admit, her use of the statues was kind of cool, but the battle itself was a disappointment and way too easy.


Something else I thought was not as good in this sequel: not being able to equip armor on your party members. Sure, there’s an upgrade system, but it doesn’t work as well as just actually getting the armor you find for our companions.

What did Dragon Age 2 have that I really liked? The graphics and animations improvements. I liked the whole ‘leaping toward your enemy’ thing. Oh, and the animation for one of the Warrior moves (can’t remember the name) was like Saint Seiya’s Pegasus punch. Can’t go wrong with that.


Funniest character? Isabella. She had the best lines, hands down. Anders was hilarious on DA: Awakening, but has gone emo on DA2. Meh. Exception: the expression ‘suck on a fireball’ he keeps using in fights.

I still have to play through a couple of DLCs (including the one with the awesome Felicia Day) so I can really declare the game finished. At least until an expansion comes out.

Then maybe I’ll play the PC version of Arkham City. I hear good things about the game. Plus, it has Catwoman as a playable character. Who can resist that?


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