A Clash of Kings

Yeah, yeah, I know there’s a second edition for the A Game of Thrones boardgame coming, which includes House Martell.

I already had the first edition of the game (courtesy of kitten), so I decided to get the A Clash of Kings boardgame expansion, which adds the Martells as a playable house in the game, as a self-birthday gift (forever alone 😥 😛 ).

I’ve had plan for a while, to eventually make a mod and replace all the little wooden pieces by plastic detailed and (horribly) painted figures. When I have some more free time in my hands. Whenever that is.

With this ‘reboot’ that Fantasy Flight Games is doing on the Game of Thrones boardgame, it’s probable that I’ll never get House Targaryen in the game. Ah well. I’ll get extra figures for that mod, just in case.

I still haven’t read the rulebook, so my only comment so far is on a funky choice of character for House Stark: Roose Bolton? Seriously?

For more pics: 2004 called, they want their boardgame expansion back.


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