A Photo A Week 2011 38 – The Age of Steam


Took a fun trip on a steam-powered train.


2 thoughts on “A Photo A Week 2011 38 – The Age of Steam

  1. I love steam trains, they’re just so iconic from the way they look to the way they sound. Had the chance to recently visit the caledonian and jacobite railway (a.k.a. hogwarts express) but didn’t get to rid them, due to them being overbooked (you have to book in advance, how foolish of me). I read that we’re getting one in the Douro region (I’m guessing that’s the one?) which I think is a great idea… tourist love them and it’s a great way to have a scenic route turn even more picturesque and, why not, profitable (not very cheap I suppose).

  2. We have one in the Douro region, which is the one we took. It’s a short round trip but if you fascinated with the steam age, it’s a must.

    It starts the trip in Régua and goes to Tua and back. It operates only in the ‘Summer’ months (info on the CP website). This year they pulled a leg on us by changing the dates, starting a month later, and we were unable to go on our Anniversary – so we postponed it to my birthday week. But it all worked out fine. 🙂

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