Comics, Comics, Comics

I’m on a reading spree. More specifically, I’m on a graphic novel reading spree.

For years, I read several comics each week. But for some reason, on the last couple of years I only read the odd graphic novel or manga here and there. I was a bit detached of what was happening.

No more.

I was just commenting with Luís that I had missed this feeling of almost ‘agonizing’ with the wait, when I want to read that month’s issue and it’s not out yet. My interest on comics has rekindled and, considering the fun I’m having with catching up, I hope it stays that way.

On my recent readings list, other than FreakAngels, are things like Planetary, The Surrogates, Transmetropolitan, and Neonomicon. Yeah, there’s a lot of Warren Ellis there. I’m not a fangirl, though. Not yet anyway.

I’ve started reading DC Universe’s rebooted titles. As I write this, I’ve only read Justice League #1, which was okay – nothing spectacular. But soon I’ll read more #1s, so I see what they’re all about; among them Action Comics, Batwoman and the other zillion versions of Justice League. I loved Justice League by Keith Giffen when I was a kid. Why are there so many versions of it with this reboot? I have no clue; I guess I’ll just have to read them.


I’m also wanting to catch up with the final issues of Buffy season 8, which for some reason I stopped reading (Luís, I’ve figured out who Twilight is, this time ‘fo realz’). Since season 9 is incoming, and I hear there’s an Angel & Faith #1 already out there, it seems like a good idea to get back on the bandwagon before too many new issues come out.

Oh and Marvel. Anyone reading Marvel? With DC it was easy to get back into it, because they’re starting over. (Again.) But Marvel’s titles I’ll need to research a bit before deciding on what to read.

With all of this, and having Jorge – one of my partners in crime, at our five year old comics blog Outro Lado dos Comics [PT] – suggested a weekly column over there, I might just have to try to write something about the stuff I’ve been reading. Not sure if weekly, but at least every two weeks.


So, if you pass by over there in the next couple of weeks and find an oddly familiar article on FreakAngels, it’s just a coincidence. I haven’t started my ‘What I’ve Been Missing’ column by recycling that particular post before I start writing more jibberish on other titles. These are not the droids you are looking for. Move along.


2 thoughts on “Comics, Comics, Comics

  1. Hello there!
    I’ve been checking out your blog for a couple months or so and finally decided to comment.
    I’ve never read much comics, except for a few mangas, but I guess I’m gonna take advantage of the DC reboot to get to it. Also, some of the ones you mentioned seem pretty cool, I should give them I try 🙂

    Oh, and by the way, I’m also a portuguese girl who really enjoys books, fantasy, scifi, anime, videogames and other geeky stuff, so sometimes it gets hard finding people with the same interests! I should try keeping a blog someday…

    Keep it up 🙂

  2. Hi!

    First, sorry for the tardy response. This has been a very intense week.

    If you do decide do create a blog, drop a word about it here. I’m always looking for cool stuff to read. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting!

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