Freakangels Volume 1 TPFreakangels Volume 1 TP by Warren Ellis

It finally happened. Years after I found the last three of my all-time favourite comic stories – Y the Last Man, The Red Star and Runaways vol 1 -, I got my hands on a comic series which I absolutely loved.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed a lot of comics after those three series, but there’s always been something missing in all I’ve read.

With FreakAngels, the plot, the setting in post-apocalyptic London, the steampunk-y details (can I get KK’s helicopter bike?), the character design, the art by Paul Duffield, and everything else about the concept just ‘clicked’.

Although I’ve enjoyed all I’ve read by Warren Ellis, this is the first graphic novel by him that goes straight to my ‘favourite comics’ list.

The six volumes were a hell of a ride, which left me wishing for more, even though I know it was an adequate ending to the story.

You can read the whole thing for free on the FreakAngels official site.

“Freaks and Angels”


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