Our (Geek) Wedding – Anniversary Edition

I left the blog on auto-pilot, meaning I’ve written this in advance and am currently far, far away with João.

I hadn’t made a proper post on our wedding details, despite having told some peeps I’d make one shortly after the event, and an anniversary is as good time as any to do that.

Anyway, João and I both like role-playing games, SciFi and Fantasy, among other things. We don’t approach certain subjects in real life with people who don’t care about them, but we don’t hide what we like.

It was something that we were going to share with close friends and family. We purposefully decided to keep it relatively small – I’m not one for huge crowds, and João, despite his huge family, liked a smaller wedding we had attended the previous year.

We thought our wedding was something that should reflect who we were. I mean, it was our party, right? 😉

So we decided to break some conventions, decoration-wise.

(No, we didn’t have everyone dressed as Jedi. We preferred the theme to be present, but subtle enough.)

So, what did our wedding look like?

Asian-themed place (it's a dojo most of the time).

All tables named after RPGs we had enjoyed

Dice and Mana/Health potions incorporated in the decor

Dice sets for every guest (my mom made the bags - skillz!)

Cake figures: Han & Leia (of course)

So, that’s a bit of what went on. I didn’t show you the flower arrangements, the candles, and all of that stuff everyone else does, just part of  the more uncommon stuff. Maybe next year I’ll talk about the soundtrack we picked, or something.

Maybe that wedding post won’t take me years to make.


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