A Photo A Week 26 – TARDIS and Dalek Cake

This is the two-floor cake I made for João’s birthday. Based on a TV series he loves – Doctor Who – and featuring a Dalek drone and part of the TARDIS.

About the event itself, everyone there will be able to proudly state:

. I witnessed the Great Spanish Sauce On Dave Disaster at João’s Party 2011

(Or Bruno’s variant: ‘I Seasoned Dave at João’s Party 2011’)

. I didn’t find the missing arrow at João’s Party 2011

(Or Vanessa’s variant: I lost an arrow – Bermuda Triangle, anyone? at João’s Party 2011)

. I was smooched by Amadeu at at João’s Party 2011

(Or everyone else’s variant: I saw Amadeu smooch Vanessa’s and Marco’s cheek at João’s Party 2011)

. I was partially eaten by mosquitoes at João’s Party 2011

. I saw João’s new decade ‘baptism’ at João’s Party 2011 (Or João’s variant: I was completely soaked in champagne at My Party 2011)

He had an amazing time at his party and here’s where I thank everyone for him (since he’s incredibly quiet on twitter and Facebook, and doesn’t have a blog): thanks everyone for coming! 😀 We hope you had a great time. We know we did!


2 thoughts on “A Photo A Week 26 – TARDIS and Dalek Cake

  1. If that arrow is anything like the previous lost one (by Rafa), it will turn up a couple of years from now, when we are roaming aimlessly around the farm, and can’t even remember the lost arrow anymore. :p

    You know what they say: it’s not a proper archery practice unless an arrow is lost. Or… something of the sort.

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