Deviled Eggs

I originally posted this at Cookapalooza, then decided to translate it to English so it’s also here.

Something I really like to make for parties are deviled eggs. There are many variations of the recipe if you look for it on the Internet.

What I usually make is one of the simplest versions.

10 large eggs
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste
Paprika to taste
Salsa to taste

1. Boil the eggs, let them cool, peel them (*), break them in half
2. Mince the parsley
3. Remove the yolks carefully, leaving the egg’s (half)whites intact.
4. Mix all the egg yolks together as much as possible, until it’s a smooth mix
5. Mix the wine, the mayonnaise, parsley and paprika until a folder with more or less uniform
6. Fill the spaces that once had the egg yolks with the mixture made

(*)If you use very fresh eggs, the shells are very hard to remove without completely destroying the egg whites. What I usually do is cook the eggs some time before and then, when the water is just warm, carefully break the egg shells without removing them.

For example, this past weekend, I needed the eggs ready by Saturday at lunchtime, so I boiled them on Friday evening and let them soak in the refrigerator, so the next morning I could follow the rest of the steps on the recipe. The water entered the space between the egg and the shell and that made my work easier.


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