A Game of Thrones – TV Series

So, I haven’t talked about the A Game of Thrones TV series here since last September when there still wasn’t a show to watch and chat about.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot and I haven’t minded some differences between the show and the novels, because so far they’ve kept the important parts of the narrative there. The cast is great. The actors playing hate-inducing characters are doing a great job, as are the ones playing the characters I love. I always imagined Eddard looking like Viggo Mortensen and I thought I wouldn’t like Sean Bean in the part, but it turned out he’s doing great.

If there’s one universe in which I haven’t been able to pick just one favourite character, it’s George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. The complexity of the characters is such that it became impossible not to like one detail or another from several of them.

No differently from the novels, to me the most interesting characters are Tyrion for his wits and his particular views on life, Daenerys for growing into who she truly is, Arya who reminds me so much of how I was at that age – a tomboy who didn’t behave very well, and to a point, Jon Snow, the outcast who hasn’t quite found his place yet. Eddard is also interesting, being honorable and idealist, but I’ve been finding him less appealing in the show than he was in the novel.

One thing that makes me enjoy the show more is, strangely enough, that I forgot a lot of details of the story. I read the first novel about eight or nine years ago, and the important parts of the plot and characters remained in my memory, but the little details keep coming back as ‘surprises’ when I’m watching the show.

The opening. I loved the theme and the CGI. Kind of steampunky and not something I’d expect in a fantasy show, but maybe that’s why it works marvelously. They got me at ‘clockwork’.

Still about A Song of Ice and Fire and George R. R. Martin:

The good news: There’s going to be a season 2 (not actual ‘news’ – it’s been known since the first episode ratings came out)

The bad news: The first season ends on June 26th and I’m sure we’ll have a long wait ahead of us.

The great news: George R. R. Martin is coming back to Portugal, on April 2012,  according to his site. I hope to be able to go see him like last time he was here, and hear what he has to say about all the craziness that’s now surrounding this universe. It’ll also be a chance to get the new, hardcover, versions of the first three novels I got for my birthday last year autographed. And also, A Dance With Dragons which is coming this year, of course.


2 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones – TV Series

  1. I’ve just finished the first book and started watching the series. As everything is still very fresh to me the discrepancies are more blatant perhaps but most seem justifiable due to it being a tv adaptation. With that said, the TV series it’s bloody gorgeous. Like you mention, the opening is superb and I really like how it changes according to where the story is taking place that episode.
    Arya was my favourite character in the first book, mainly due to her being a complete opposite of her sister, Sansa “le spoiled bitchy brat” Stark, and I was surprised by the good casting of those young actresses that are doing a great job.
    Regarding Sean Bean, the only thing I see missing is the black hair of Eddard Stark (Sean looks like a Tully :p).
    I can safely assume that this series are bringing more fans to G.R.R.’s works and well maybe that will speed things up and you’ll see the remaining books out during the next couple of years… or not.
    and now back to reading “A clash of kings”…

  2. I thought Lena Headey would look weird as a blonde, and it’s also the first time I see her do a part where she’s a ‘Psycho Bitch From Hell’ instead of a likable character, but she does the Cersei part very well.

    I hope he speeds up the writing.Originally they weren’t even supposed to be seven books – I got a second hand book which had been printed in the 90’s with The Hedge Knight(*) in it that stated that A Song of Ice and Fire was going to be a six-novel series. Between his slow rhythm, and the expansion of the story, I wonder if the man will be able to actually end it. Fingers crossed.

    (* a cool tale in the same universe but much before the ASoIaF events)

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