Rift Free Trial

Rift is one of those games I’ve been curious about but haven’t tried yet. A while ago I decided to not reserve much (or any) of my free time to MMOs because, as you know, they are very time-consuming. I haven’t even finished Dragon Age II, which isn’t an MMO, and I was loving the game.

And now the nice Rift peeps are offering a free trial, and I feel very tempted.

It’s only 7 days, afterall… *ahem*


2 thoughts on “Rift Free Trial

  1. Nooo resist the urge! I nearly made the same mistake the other day when LOTROnline went F2P! Thankfully for some reason the game kept locking up after 30 minutes of gameplay so crisis averted (since I was starting to enjoy it… and you know what happens next).
    My advice: stick with single player and finish Dragon Age 2 and then play Witcher 2 instead.

  2. I’ve resisted Rift so far, but failed at doing so with the free play time Sony offered for Star Wars Galaxies. Could have been worst – the game isn’t very appealing to me nowadays, so I’ve only played a couple of hours. My old character still exists (I was surprised they didn’t delete it after 7 years), but I made a new one – an Entertainer – hoping to have a game experience different from just ‘pew pew pew’ missions.

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