A Photo a Week 13 – Cthulhu Muffins

My friend Ana had a big birthday coming up. She’s always making the most amazing decorated (and yummy) birthday cakes for me and kitten, so we decided to give her a well-deserved surprise, with the knowledge we had gotten from her over time. 🙂

She has a thing for H.P. Lovecraft’s elder god Cthulhu, and the gifts we got her were all related to it, so the muffins’ Cthulhu theme was an obvious choice. ( I also made her a postcard for everyone to sign, but totally forgot to scan it. )


5 thoughts on “A Photo a Week 13 – Cthulhu Muffins

  1. I’m glad you liked them! 🙂

    The Lovecraftsman, I can see from your blog thay you’re a Cthulhu fan. These cakes were the last Cthullu surprise of the evening – before that she got a Cthulhu plush, a Cthulhu bobblehead and an Arkham Horror expansion. I think the birthday girl liked the surprise, so the objective was accomplished!

  2. The color is a bit off, but aside from that, they really do! 🙂 One of our friends said they looked like ‘vegetarian Ood’. 🙂

    (I love the Ood, but they really creeped me out in The Impossible Planet episode. brr! )

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