London Trip

I spent the past four day weekend in London, and I had a great time. We went with friends who are also Doctor Who fans, to check out the Doctor Who Experience (DWE), and took the chance to walk around London, mostly without a plan. (Because we’re not Cylons /awkward Galactica joke) The only thing we’d decided to do before we left, besides the DWE, was to go to Forbidden Planet, to Orc’s Nest – a store specialized in boardgames, RPGs, miniatures, etc. -, and to Covent Garden’s Apple Store.

We visited a bunch of places, including Notting Hill, the Portobello Market, Covent Garden, the Soho, and so forth. We also somehow managed not to freeze to death while crossing a bridge over the Thames one evening, which allowed us to get a great view of the London Eye at night, with Big Ben right behind it. Beautiful! London by night was a highlight of the trip for me, since I hadn’t experienced that on my previous trips.

We had a very… let’s say intense British cuisine experience. Pubs were visited. Full English breakfasts were had, with fried eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, beans, toast and all. The best breakfast for me were the most amazing Eggs Benedict, courtesy of The Breakfast Club in Soho, which has a great mural with things people leave there. We left our mark too, courtesy of V.’s awesome drawing skills.

I’ve had more beef and fried food in those four days than I’d had since the year started. We mostly eat grilled fish and avian meat at home, so the trip was ‘heavy’ on the digestive system.

We went to this really cool, futuristic-looking Asian restaurant in the Soho, called Inamo, where the tables are interactive. Cool experience, especially since at that dinner we caught up with our friend Aby and met her boyfriend Will, and V. and D. met a friend they hadn’t seen in person in years. A definite high point of the trip. Also, this place had the healthiest food we had the whole time in London.

Although everything we ate in London was yummy (aside from a horrible hamburger on a pub, urgh), I was anxious to get back to our delicious and much healthier Mediterranean cooking, so when I got home Tuesday evening, I had to make an effort not to eat the whole salad by myself.

Anyway, shopping-wise: I got a Viper Mk II model kit (and an extra one as a gift to a friend who keeps getting me awesome stuff), the World of Warcraft action figure I wanted (which reminds me – I need to update my wishlist), and a cute as hell anti-stress ‘ball’ shaped like a Pacman Ghost, as well as some other things, including two Doctor Who t-shirts (an offer with our DWE silver tickets – woohoo!), and a Dalek ‘VICTORY!’ poster – this one obviously not picked by me since I find them annoying, but truth be told, the poster looks great.

On a girlier note: I wasn’t expecting to pass by a LUSH store in London, but it one was on the train station near the hotel, and another one near the Portobello Market. And yes, money was spent there. I’ll hide in shame, all the while hugging the jar of Aqua Marina, the soaps (Demon in the Dark, Miranda and Ice Blue) and bath thingies (Fizzbanger and Sakura) I got. My excuse: it was a bit cheaper than getting the stuff here. *ahem*

Despite the pollution, and some less great parts of it, London remains one of my favourite cities to visit. I’m sure I’ll go there again sometime.

More photos of the trip (DWE photos excluded – I’ve hadn’t had the time to work on those) are up, here.


4 thoughts on “London Trip

  1. Thanks for the photos and good lucking unclogging your arteries !
    The market on Portobello road was were I got my first Star Wars Micro Machines set all those years ago ^^

  2. street vendor (always where the best deals can be found). nested among other second hand goods there it was that mint condition box full of joy.

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