Corusca at Twitter

Corusca at Twitter

I’ve had a private Twitter account for a while now but precisely because it’s private, it defeats the point of sharing information with everyone. Thus being a no-go for this place.

A few days ago I made a new account there, for the blog, and here it is: the (sort of) brand-new Twitter account for Corusca. Woo and hoo. I dusted off my LEGO Princess Leia and she kindly posed with some of my dice to the photo which is the current background for the twitter account.

Feel free to follow, hate-twit, ignore, block, or set it on fire. Oh, there’s also a little box on the right-side of the blog where you can read some of the twits, in the odd case you want to read my maniac delusions (shortened into 140 characters or less), shown in what I hope is a discreet, non-obnoxious way.


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