Mass Effect 3 – First Trailer

The first trailer for the third Mass Effect title was revealed yesterday:

João said part of it reminded him of Doctor Who, because of London being in ruins. I think that’s where the similarities end though.

Mass Effect 3 is supposed to come out in the Holiday season of 2011, which sounds fine by me – the first half of next year was getting crowded with nice games. For a moment there I thought the schedule might interfere with the still ‘shady’ launch date of Star Wars: The Old Republic, but then I remembered they’re both BioWare games, so it’s improbable.

Let’s just hope they don’t delay it to early 2012.


One thought on “Mass Effect 3 – First Trailer

  1. that ending gave me the shivers: the N7 armour walking away from an exploding Earth while the Vangelis-esque Mass Effect theme starts to play…
    I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite trailer since the Old Republic one.

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