Games Incoming

I haven’t spent much time playing games, but I somehow managed to finish Dragon Age: Awakening some weeks ago. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t end it before Dragon Age 2 came out, early next year. I didn’t end Awakening having done all I wanted – although, I’m not a completionist, I am one of those people who does a lot of side quests and interacts with most of her squad members to know their stories – but I did all I had the time for.

Now, I’m still only half way through StarCraft 2, but I’m guessing that won’t be done before the year ends, especially since World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is coming out tomorrow, and I’ll start playing it hopefully some time this week.

Unlike previous expansions, I’m not in a particular hurry to start playing this one – it’ll mean that I’ll be skipping part of the chaos of the starting areas in the first couple of days. Blizzard offered us 7 free days of play, after an almost full year of absence, and I played half a dozen hours or so (which shows how much my excitement about WoW has lowered), leveling my Druid a bit and realizing I’m going to have to re-learn to play my two main classes all over again.

Anyway, I’m babbling, so onwards to what lead me to write this game post to begin with.

A game I’m looking forward to is Total War: Shogun 2 is also coming next year. I read this hands-on preview of Shogun 2 today, and all indicates that the game is going to be amazing.

“Overall, Shogun 2 looks like a product built to entertain, rather than just to point a daunting array of features in our direction. I think the series that saw hundreds of thousands of gamers nudging little men around until 3:30am has found its way again. This is going to be one Hell of a homecoming.”

Between Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 (maybe), Total War: Shogun 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, 2011 seems to be heading to be a very enjoyable gaming year.


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