LisboaCon 2010 – An Event For Everyone

We went to LisboaCon – a boardgame convention I mentioned a few posts ago – on Sunday, and having just something between two to three hours at the event, I thought we wouldn’t be able to try any games (some of the ones we’ve played in the last few months take a few hours to complete). I was wrong.

Funny how things go: some of our old friends who used to be into boardgames, RPGs, and such, are still into those and we ended up seeing a few of them at the event, and chatting a bit not just about games but also catching up a bit.

Anyway, one of our friends challenged us to a game of Red Dragon Inn, a game neither me nor João had tried before, and it ended up being really fun. I won’t go into much detail, but the concept of the game is this: you pick a character (you have several types of character: Priestess, Illusionist, Fighter, etc.), and you have cards specific to your character which allow you to do things during the game.

For instance, some cards allow you to start a round of gambling, where usually most of the players end up losing (fake) money. There are a lot of different kind of cards, and as such each round is usually filled with unexpected moments, which may turn the game around completely. Your character also has to drink during the game, which as far as I could see, usually makes you lose Fortitude, and gain Alcohol level. You start with 20 Fortitude, and 0 Alcohol… and as the game progresses their values usually start getting closer. You can either lose by having your Fortitude and your Alcohol level meet at the same value, or by losing all your money.

Ironically, I lost due to an alcoholic coma.

I mingled and explored a bit after being K.O.ed  in the game, and while João played a while longer. I entered a raffle the organizers made, as far as I understood, in order to finance the space rental (the event has no entrance fee). You could get a lot of games, from Dominion, to Aljubarrota, and Mamma Mia!, just to name a few. Sadly we didn’t win anything, but then again we only purchased two raffles, and there were more than 500 sold that day – the odds were against us. 🙂

I walked around the event and something that struck me as very nice was the fact that there were people there from all age groups – some kids, and some elderly people included. There’s something for everyone in the boardgame world. Another thing that made a positive impression was how proactive the volunteers were to get people comfortable and to try out new games. Very nice.

As far as I could see, the games at the event were borrowed by people who organized the event and volunteered. But if you wanted to actually buy some games you could: there was a stand with new games being sold at a lower price than normal, and another stand with second hand games, some of which were bargains. We bought a second hand Arkham Horror, requested by our friend Ana, and I felt tempted to get a couple of games for ourselves but managed to resist.

Having met another friend there who was part of the people organizing the event, he showed us some miniatures he painted. They’re from a game that had caught my eye earlier, called Shadows over Camelot. The miniatures are really well painted – check them all out here.

And then it was time to leave. We’ll definitely try going next year, hopefully for a lengthier period of time so we can try out other cool games. (For the full set of photos I took at the event, go here)


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