Fórum Fantástico 2010 – A Perspective

After a one year interruption in 2009, Fórum Fantástico came back this year and it was even better than what I had attended to in previous years.

I only had the chance to attend on Saturday, when authors David Soares, Peter V. Brett, Ricardo Pinto and Stephen Hunt, among others, were present.

The two organizers behind Fórum Fantástico, Rogério Ribeiro and Safaa Dib, talked about these 5 years of the Fórum, and what’s ahead. They revealed to us that next year, Fórum Fantástico is coming back, also in November. It was very pleasent hearing about the evolution of things since the begining, and remembering some of the past Fórum events mentioned, like Nick Sagan’s participation, back in 2005.

A bit unexpected was how much I enjoyed the ‘Lisboa Fantástica’ (Fantastic Lisbon) panel. David Soares, João Barreiros, and Octávio dos Santos, moderated by Rui Tavares spoke about the mystic bits and fantastic feel of my alma mater – Lisbon. Perhaps it was the recent passing away of ‘The Man Who Waved Goodbye’, who got a homage by dozens of people who went to Saldanha and did what he did – waved goodbye at cars, and who was one of the last remaining people who give my city its own special character that made this panel so much more enjoyable, and perhaps even personal.

And still on fantastic literature, there were a couple of book launches at the event: ‘A Luz Miserável’ by David Soares, and ‘A Corte do Ar’ (‘The Court of the Air’) by Stephen Hunt.

In the morning, during the more technical lectures on several aspects of writing (for videos of those, check a few posts back), there were less people, but the room was packed by the afternoon, when the interviews with authors Ricardo Pinto, Peter V. Brett, and Stephen Hunt went on. That amount of people, I have to say was a very satisfying sight and it’s proof that the interest for fantastic literature is growing in Portugal – a very positive sign, since I think about ten or fifteen years ago it was a minuscule niche market here.

Before I continue – The event’s organizers asked people for suggestions for the next editions of the event, so if you have any ideas contact them either through the official website or their Facebook page.

For the full album with the photos we made during the event, click here.

And now I’ll leave you with a summary (with links) of the sets of videos (in chronological order) I did during the event, for easier access:

This concludes the exaggerated quantity of posts made here about this year’s Fórum Fantástico. I hope to see you all there next year.


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