Fórum Fantástico 2010: ‘A Luz Miserável’ Book Release

I had the greatest time yesterday at Fórum Fantástico, listening to authors like David Soares, Peter V. Brett, Ricardo Pinto, and Stephen Hunt speak about writing, and their own work.

I made a series of videos, which I’m currently uploading to YouTube, and I’ve realized it’s going to take a long time to have them all there, because, despite juggling with battery and memory card problems, we got a lot of the day ‘on tape’. I’ll place it online over the next days/week(?) – it does take ages to upload each video – some of them over 30 minutes of upload time -, and I’m doing it when I get time at the PC, so you have to bare with me. 😉

To start the video releases of Fórum Fantástico 2010, I decided to begin with Portuguese author David Soares, who released his latest book – ‘A Luz Miserável’ (published by Saída de Emergência) yesterday, which looks absolutely stunning. I had the chance to get mine, and David Soares was kind enough to autograph it.

Here are the videos, in portuguese – maybe I’ll add subtitles in english after I’ve finished uploading the rest of the videos. Enjoy, and do check out ‘A Luz Miserável’ – I dare you not to drool at least a little bit over the design.

Meantime, you can still see David Soares today at Fórum Fantástico, where he will present Mechanics of Fantastic Writing (IV) – “When Reality mixes with the Fantastic” at 11h30.


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