Fórum Fantástico 2010 Programme

This weekend brings us the 5th edition of Fórum Fantástico, and, if I manage to survive the work week, I’ll be there on Saturday. I already bought the two books I didn’t own yet (‘O Terceiro Deus’, and ‘A Lança do Deserto’), to have them signed by authors Ricardo Pinto and Peter V. Brett.

Nothing much to say, except mentioning the event programme, which I somehow had the patience to translate (perhaps crappily – I didn’t review it so sorry for any mistakes) in full:

Friday, November 12th:
14:30 – Opening Session.
15:00 – “Classics of Portuguese Science Fiction” panel, with Luís Filipe Silva, António de Macedo, João Barreiros and João Seixas.
16:00 – “New Portuguese Fantasy for New Readers” panel, with Fábio Ventura, Bruno Martins Soares and Bruno Matos.
17:00 – “Fantastic Art” panel, moderated by Ana Maria Baptista.
18:00 – Intermission.
18:30 – “A Simbólica do Espaço em O Senhor dos Anéis” book launch, with author Maria do Rosário Monteiro.
19:00 – “Portuguese Fantasy in the Feminin”, with Madalena Santos, Inês Botelho and Susana Almeida.
Saturday, November 13th:
10:30 – Mechanics of Fantastic Writing (I) – “Worldbuilding”, by Ricardo Pinto.
11:15 – Mechanics of Fantastic Writing (II) – “Invented Technology and Atmosphere”, by Stephen Hunt.
12:00 – Mechanics of Fantastic Writing (IIII) – “Characters and Characterization”, by Peter V. Brett.
14:30 – “Fórum Fantástico: 5 years, now what?”, chatting with Rogério Ribeiro and Safaa Dib.
15:00 – “Fantastic Lisbon”, moderated by Rui Tavares, with João Barreiros, David Soares and Octávio dos Santos.
16:00 – Portuguese Fantastic Cinema – Shortfilms.
17:00 – Intermission.
17:30 – “A Luz Miserável” book launch, with author David Soares.
18:00 – Chatting with Ricardo Pinto, by João Seixas.
18:30 – Chatting with Stephen Hunt, by Luís Corte-Real.
19:00 – Chatting with Peter V. Brett, by Pedro Reisinho.
19:30 – Joint autograph session.
Sunday, November 14th:
10:00 – Kafeeklatsch – National Fantastic Blogs (in location to be arranged).
11:30 – Mechanics of Fantastic Writing (IV) – “When Reality mixes with the Fantastic”, by David Soares.
12:15 – Mechanics of Fantastic Writing (V) – “Cinema Scripting Notions for Short Story Writers and Novel Writers”, by Luís Pereira (Monomito Argumentistas).
15:00 – Reading Suggestions, with Ana Cristina Alves and João Barreiros.
15:30 – “Comics” panel, with Filipe Melo, Nuno Duarte, Osvaldo Medina, Rui Ramos, Fil, André Oliveira and Diogo Carvalho.
17:00 – “The Fantastic as a literary form”, moderated by João Morales, with Afonso Cruz and João Pedro Duarte.
18:00 – Intermission
18:30 – Portuguese Fantastic Cinema – Shortfilms.
20:00 – Closing Session.

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