Forgotten Bookmarks

Forgotten Bookmarks is a curious website made by a used books salesman, where he places photos of the various items he finds within the books serving as bookmarks.

From photos, to postcards, to patches and notes – you name it and the store employee has found it serving as a bookmark.

To play the role of bookmarkers, I’ve used stuff ranging from photos, to plain pieces of paper. Also, strings, postcards, rubberbands, empty tea packets, and sometimes even actual bookmarks. Depends on what is at hand at the time.

What do you use as bookmarks?


One thought on “Forgotten Bookmarks

  1. Olá Raquel,

    Eu uso marcadores =), faço colecção (já fazia mesmo antes de gostar de ler), curiosamente só uso um marcador para a leitura principal. Está velhinho e gasto.
    Depois do FF2010 fiquei com 336.

    Vou passar mais vezes neste espaço

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