Geeky Update

I haven’t talked much about my geeky experiences lately, but fear not, I’m still Geek Girl™. Just busy and lazy also.

So… Filling you in about stuff.

I’ve been watching Doctor Who, for kitten’s delight. He was a big fan and I, due to having unfortunately seen a very creepy episode on TV, never actually got into it. Until a couple of months ago, when I started watching season 5, in the Van Gogh episode (one of the best imho). Watched the rest of season 5, loved the ending to bits, and then proceeded to watch season 1, then 2, and just I finished 3. Three’s the weakest of all I’ve seen. I think mostly because the companion – Martha Jones – didn’t really ‘stick’. I mean, she’s nice and all, but she’s not interesting, and I didn’t even feel sad/emotional when (minor spoilers ahead for the end of the third season) she decides to leave the Doctor because she’s in love with him and he doesn’t love her back.

Anyway, tonight I’ll probably watch ‘Voyage of the Damned’, and in the next few days will start with season 4. I can’t wait to see more of Donna! I loved her in the X-Mas special, and she seemed far more interesting (and funny) than Martha.

Aaaand, after we finish watching all that’s left of Doctor Who and then the new Sherlock Holmes series, kitten promised that he’d be watching ‘Buffy’ (my all-time favourite TV show) with me. I’ve been wanting to rewatch everything, and with someone who’s hardly seen anything about it, it will be fun to see what theories he has about things. Seems fair that I watch his favourite show with him and then he watches mine with me. :p I bet/hope that after season 2 (s1 is kinda… meh and we’ll only be watching it so that he gets the whole story) he’ll be a fan of the show.

Onwards to novels and such…

When I went to London I bought a gazillion books, and I’ve read one of them – ‘Blink!’ by Malcom Gladwell – already. It’s not exactly geeky, but I did enjoy it a lot – I’d also liked ‘The Tipping Point’ by the same author. Now I’m reading‘Darwinia’ by Robert Charles Wilson, which is a steampunk-y novel, where Europe all of the sudden mysteriously transforms into  something completely different. It’s easily keeping my interest, though I’ve had a ‘wtf?’ moment with one of the chapters. No spoilers, but let’s say that you’re following a story and then something completely unrelated (or it seems like it right now) shows up on the way, then the story continues like nothing happened and you didn’t read that chapter. Eh. It’s the first time in ages where I have no clue what’s going on, and have no decent theories about what’s going to happen.

Anyway, up next on my reading list is ‘Wild Cards #1’, which I managed to finally get, on a stroke of luck in a Comics store in London.  It’s a superhero/scifi story and it’s written by one of my favourite authors, George R. R. Martin, all of which explain why I’ve been so interested in getting my hands on this.

Meantime, George R. R. Martin has announced that ‘Wild Cards #1’ will finally be republished. Tor is making a new edition of it (tradepaperback, with a cool new cover) and not only will it have the contents of the older editions, like the one I own, but also three more stories. Which means that, if I enjoy reading the one I have, I’ll probably buy this new edition anyway, in part because I’m hoping it will sell like hot cupcakes and they’ll then move on to republishing the rest of the issues which I’ll then proceed to get. A girl can dream.

Speaking of GRRM, there’s a real-time strategy game being made, based on A Game of Thrones. I’m Miss Excited of course. *want!*

I haven’t been playing much. But I am trying out Star Trek Online. So far, it’s ‘okay’. I don’t like the space combat mechanics… maybe if I grew another hand I’d be able to do everything I need to when I’m being attacked by 4+ ships simultaneously. Either that or I just suck. A lot. :p

What I do want to try out is StarCraft II. I was in the beta test, and I liked what I saw, except the part where João and I were squashed like bugs when we decided to try out the multiplayer against other players instead of doing co-op against the AI. But the beta did not include the single player campaign, and I definitely want to play through it.

That’s all for now. Have a nice rest of the week, and enjoy the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Geeky Update

  1. You should definitely go for starcraft2 ! Awesome game. And it makes a decent job of pairing you up with people of the same skill level (well when playing team games that may be a bit harder 😀 ) plus you can do 50 (yep 50) practice league games to get a feel for the thing and play the challenges .

    Single player is good but the multi is where this game shines.

  2. I *wish* I could persuade Amadeu to watch Buffy with me, but he’s almost never up for supernatural stuff. His reaction to most Doctor Who episodes he glances at is a cold “explain this”, so it would be, in many ways, even harder for him to enjoy Buffy because it’s a purely supernatural thing (and not something that could be rationalized with “wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff”*) with a certain youth to it.
    Basically, he throws it in the “teenager vampire fiction” bin with Twilight and Vampire Diaries. He doesn’t do that with True Blood because I’ve stated many times that it’s a *very* different show (i.e. if someone isn’t fucking someone else, you aren’t watching True Blood).

    Do document the reactions, though. I’m curious to see his thoughts on it.

    Btw: season 4 has, IMHO, the best companion/Doctor combo (well, season 1 is very good too, but I’m a Nine fangirl). And make sure to see the specials that aired after that, they are *REALLY* good.

  3. @Ravhin I think I’ll be able to try out the SC2 single player relatively soon (hopefully this weekend). 🙂

    @b__cherry I think the ‘plot holes’ and unexplainable things in Doctor Who are completely made up by the awesomeness of the series.
    Buffy, due to the mysticism doesn’t require explanations (‘magic’ explaining all weird things).

    The thing about Buffy is that a lot of people who’ve only glanced at it think it’s a ‘teen show for chicks’ (João I think was part of that group), when in fact the plot and characters radiate maturity and are mostly oriented to adult audiences. Which is something that only after watching a few episodes we can see.

    Back to Doctor Who: I’m loving Donna. She’s frakking awesome! Amy still has first place in my companion list, because of her ‘fairy tale’ past – I just absolutely loved that scene where she *Doctor Who season 5 spoilers ahead!*, as a kid, sits on her small travel bag, waiting for him to show up ‘in 5 minutes’ and ends up waiting all night for him. Oh and when she’s a kissogram, and the Doctor is changing clothes, she’s very… unprude/curious, and keeps on looking at him undress with Rory beside her. Funny moment! :p

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