New World of Warcraft Figures – Series 7

Series 7 of World of  Warcraft action figures is coming. I’m excited, and my wallet is getting scared.

Why? They finally made a Human Paladin with the only tier armor I’ve ever loved – Judgement. Woohoo! Just added it to my wishlist. :p

I think this will be one of the non-premium figures (at least from Kotaku’s description, the only figure name that seems pally-like is listed as a regular figure), but with my luck, and considering that this figure seems a lot more detailed than the other four in the set, it will be around 50 euros instead of 20-30. Let’s hope not…

EDIT: Forgotten Planet provides! It’s listed as costing £15.99, so it seems to be indeed a regular figure. The downside? It’s only out after my birthday. Ah well.


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