Mass Effect 2 – Not (Really) a Review

I haven’t been able to play as much Mass Effect 2 as I would want, but have already formed some opinions on a few aspects of the game. I’ll try not to spoil you about the story, and talk about Sheppard’s room decoration and her character looks. For now that will have to do since besides recruiting almost all of my team, I’ve not progressed much story-wise. Besides, if there’s something you can easily find online is a bunch of game reviews that don’t talk about these aspects.

Among the details I liked, was the fact that you can buy fish in some stores throughout the game. Then your room’s aquarium, empty at the beginning, starts containing some fishy inhabitants. Which you have to remember feeding from time to time or they will die.

You can also collect several spaceship models, which are then shown in your quarters. I particularly liked this since I’m a fan of collecting models of my favourite ships, and characters (*), and I was not expecting that BioWare would add such details to the game. It was a pleasant surprise.

I also got my Sheppard’s hands on a couple of ‘novels’ from a store in the Citadel if I’m not mistaken. What about those, you ask? They were called Revelations and Ascension, and the description said they were written by Drew Karpyshyn. If you go here, you’ll see what makes it a cool in-game detail.

Another thing I was able to buy in Mass Effect 2 was… a Space Hamster. Yes, you read right. Sadly we can’t name the little critter, or apparently, feed it (I hope this is true or it will die a horrible virtual death), but it’s still nice that they thought of a pet other than a fish.

I liked that we could customize the N7 armor’s colours, but was disappointed with not being able to do the same with other armors.

That’s all for now. I’ll eventually talk about ME2 more here, but since I’ll be away from the PC for a few days, don’t count on it too soon. At this rate, Dragon Age: Origins’ expansion, Awakening, will be out and I’ll still be on my way to finishing Mass Effect 2. And people say geeks don’t have lives…! πŸ˜‰

(*) – Geeky(er) unrelated note here: just yesterday I found this specific Kotobukiya Boba Fett, which I’ve been wanting to buy for a couple of years now (my Kotobukiya Darth Vader and Clone Trooper are feeling lonely T-T), being sold on a portuguese store. It’s always either unavailable (even on eBay) or too expensive, the later being the case here (I’ll go cry a little bit over there right now :p). There’s another Kotobukiya model which I found cheaper, but it’s not anywhere as cool as this one. Boo!


4 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 – Not (Really) a Review

  1. Glad to hear your enjoying Mass Effect 2. I just recently beat the game about 2 days ago and I miss it dearly. It had the same effect to me as Dragon Age did. It was an amazing experience. I personally think its better than the first game. I love how smooth the combat is now. I hated that in the first game since it was clunky. But I do miss the RPG elements they took away such as the inventory system and more items. But overall, its a great game.

    P.S. The space hamster won’t die… πŸ™‚

  2. I have yet to buy the space hamster, I bought the fish and they died, so I was wary of killing off the poor hamster (especially at almost 7 grand…) I am quite far in now, so I may go back and get the little critter while I still can.

    I too miss the more RPG elements of the game.

    I do like the personal space they give you, and I think I have collected all the models, etc.

    Hopefully will complete the game this weekend coming and I ca writeup my final review.

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