Gamer Update

So yes, we got Fable II – Game of the Year Edition yesterday from the post office. I read somewhere that it’s one of the latest batch of XBox 360 games to go ‘platinum’. But we got it for 20 euros anyway and this box will surely be much cooler than the other version. So no regrets.

I was wanting to try it out yesterday, but we ended up getting home really late yesterday (and I needed to get up before 7), due to a mix of traffic jam, dinner at my folks’ house, and taking care of some house stuff. I managed to watch a couple of episodes of Top Chef while waiting for kitten to get home. I do enjoy watching some cooking shows (like Nigella’s!). How stereotypical of me! 😉

Anyway, games, yeah. I ended up not being able to try out Fable II yesterday, but did a bit of reading the fantastic manual, and found out there’s a co-op mode of the game. Though one of us would have to play a henchman (I’m looking at you, kitten 😛 ), I want to try that mode out and see if it’s as cool as I’m hoping it will be.

Since Mass Effect 2 probably won’t arrive before this weekend, as it’s only out in Europe on Friday the 29th, at least I’ll have something new to keep myself occupied game-wise, until I get my hands on ME2. And boy, do I want to get my hands on Mass Effect‘s sequel. I already did before the awesome reviews started coming out, and now that they did, I want to play it even more.

Although I need want to get my hands on Fable II, that will very much depend on whether I can keep my eyes open long enough to turn on the XBox. That, and if I don’t cough my lungs out since my cold seems to be back with the, uhm, cold weather. Meh…


6 thoughts on “Gamer Update

  1. Co-op is really not that good as you will see. I’m on my way out the door now to see if i can pick up ME2.

    Oh, and to find lunch 🙂

  2. I got it. There were no Collector’s Editions left, but that is fine. Cost me $80 ($53 EUR)… when did games get so damned expensive????

    I’ll brag to you about how awesome it is tomorrow 😉

  3. Its pretty good. Excellent in fact. They seem to have fixed a number of the annoying bits that were there from before, and made things a bit smoother. They have added a few new “features” to make the game a bit more challenging (‘ill let you discover them for yourself).

    Dialog is better than ever. And they fixed the popping graphics!

    Overall, is very enjoyable! I hope you get it soon. I’ll be putting up a review when I re-open my blog in the next week or so. (I’ve been intending to do it for weeks now… LAZY)

    How was your first experience with Fable II?

  4. I only played a little bit since I was very tired when I got home. I liked what I saw. I had no idea it had some things such as the ‘social’ options with other characters.

    I liked its look, and the controls were easy enough to learn. I hope to be able to play it more before my gaming time is completely consumed by Mass Effect 2. 🙂

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