Fable II


3 thoughts on “Fable II

  1. When I first got Fable II, I played it right through & then played it most of the way through again (attempting to play evil). However, since then, I haven’t picked it up once. I was an OK game & better than Fable I, but still seemed to be missing something.

    I also hated that if i did anything too well, my poor girl either morphed into a hulking beast (warrior) or a magic-scarred freak (mage). What was the point of dressing her in pretty clothes?

    (I always play as women on single player games when given the chance).

    Your thoughts?

  2. I haven’t tried it out yet. We got it from the post office yesterday, but we got home pretty late and I had to get up before 7 today, so I went for the sleep instead.

    I’m probably going to play as a Good-sider. Every time I’ve attempted to go for the ‘dark side’ I’ve failed miserably, so… 😛

  3. Yeah.. in most games where you can be “good” or “evil”, I always tend to walk the good line pretty steadily. I try an play through the bad line, but usually fail (I don’t like hurting innocents, even in games…)

    I’m hoping to pick up Mass Effect 2 today, we’ll see if it is in stock or not by the time I make my way to the store. I was debating going down right before work (its down the street) but it is raining 😉

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