Dragon Age Expansion ‘Awakening’ In March

I’d read a not-confirmed news a few days ago, about there being an expansion for Dragon Age: Origins incoming in the next few months. It’s been now officially confirmed by BioWare, and I’m pretty excited about it, especially since by the time it comes out, I should have finished Mass Effect 2 and will be wanting to get my hands on another decent game.

This will be a ‘proper’ expansion, not a DLC, and have a physical copy (well, for those of us who don’t buy the digital version), as well as 15 hours of gameplay, increased level cap, more spells, more possible party companions, a new origin, and the ability to respec one’s character.

It’s set for a March 16th launch date (in the US, I’m guessing), and will cost $40, which imho sounds like a lot for an expansion with one-fourth of the gameplay time of the game, even considering the extra classes, characters and such. I hope to be able to get it for less than 30 euros, but I guess I’ll have to wait for the expansion to be available for preorder on my usual online game store, or steam.


2 thoughts on “Dragon Age Expansion ‘Awakening’ In March

  1. Ugh, yeah the price-tag I’ve heard is $29.99 USD (PC) or $39.99 USD (XBox360/PS3). It IS an awful lot for an expansion, especially since I really didn’t play the main game all that much (one run through, and part of a 2nd on PC). I’m excited that they will add new content, characters, etc (though I have a hard enough time deciding who to take with me now).

    Really? $29.99-$39.99? This better be one heck of an expansion, and I think I’ll wait for reviews 😉

    My g/f got me the Fallout 3 Collector’s edition hardcover guide, so I’ve been playing FO3 quite a bit lately, though on PC and with the FOOK2 patch (better weapons, smarter AI, etc).

  2. Fallout 3 is on my ‘to play’ list. But it’s such a long list I’m not sure when I’ll get around to actually play it. João played it and really loved the game. I watched parts of it while he was playing and it seemed pretty interesting.

    About the expansion’s price… I was hoping it was less but am guessing they might go for the 29.99 euros that were charged for the Neverwinter Nights 2 expansions.

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