Dragon Age: The Adventure Continues

I had an issue with screenshots on Dragon Age, I think a bug made the folder ready-only and for a couple of days nothing was saved. I also had an issue with Flickr a couple of days ago and I couldn’t upload the screenshots I did have. I had to do a ‘workaround’.

Sadly I won’t have pics of part of my adventures (in the Circle of Magi and my return to Redcliffe), which I wanted to gather up in a sort of visual chronicle of my journeys in the Dragon Age. I guess these, like many old chronicles in fantasy, will be incomplete and whomever consults them will need to use their imagination to fill in the blanks on what happened the rest of the time. 😉

I finally got Wynne on my party. It was a bit dumb of me not getting her sooner, and with her, and her healing skills in the group I could complete the Dwarven part of the plot much more easily. The last thing I did yesterday was going to Denerim, my main goal at the moment is getting Leliana’s plot done, but I will of course be questing now that I am there. I’m liking all of the characters except Sten, who is too stoic for my liking and reminds me of Star Trek’s Worf, who, curiously enough, I also did not like much.

After I do the Denerim part, I’ll probably go finish the elven part which I left incomplete for some reason I can’t remember. Senility strikes.

I think I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m playing a dual-wielding warrior, and yesterday I finally became a Dual Weapon Master, and can now use one full-sized weapons on each hand. I am undecided on what I will learn from my party members. I might have to investigate what would be best to complement my DW warrior abilities.


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