The Dragon Age Comes to Be

Dragon Age: Origins comes out today and GAME UK has dispatched our Collector’s order yesterday. Not sure I’ll be able to get my hands on it before the weekend (or during the weekend, come to think of it). But this is the one game I’ve wanted to play this year. It’s too bad that the GAME UK Collector’s Edition doesn’t include the cloth map (or the tin case – but I really don’t care for the metal thingie).

I hope I don’t have to wait much longer for it. Until then, I’m dabbling on Torchlight a bit. Finished it with my Vanquisher during the weekend, but still want to try out the other two classes, Alchemist and Destroyer a bit, though I don’t think I’ll be finishing the game with those also. I still have Batman: Arkham Asylum to play, which I’ve barely started.


One thought on “The Dragon Age Comes to Be

  1. Got it for the 360. So far, enjoying it.. more or less… here are my initial thoughts (non-spoilers):


    * Story is pretty good (so far)

    * Seem to be a good amount of items (weapons, armour, potions, poisons, traps, gems, etc).. I like to get loot. Lots & lots of loot.

    * Nice moral/dialog choices, some not black & white, don’t really see any side effects yet though (4 hours in).


    * Took Elf-Female-Warrior stream. I get forced to take skills I don’t want, because either a stat may be too low (not always) or my level is too low to take a skill I DO want. Can’t save the skill selection to a later level when there would be 2-3 skills I do want.

    * Can’t read & skip dialog!!! I hate it when they make you sit and listen to them talk… I can read dialog MUCH faster then they can talk. I realize the voice acting is good and that they put a lot of effort into it, but come on. (Am I just missing a setting?)

    * Can’t seem to skip cut scenes either… I’ve already seen the intro and want to try another character stream (not digging the warrior)… its a couple minutes long, I’m impatient. 😉

    * Battles (at least at first) are too simplistic… hit “A” and wait for everything to die.. maybe hit B/Y/X if bored.

    * Holy uncanny valley batman. (especially with the female characters)

    * graphics really aren’t all that to write home about. Really. Maybe its an xbox thing. Environment textures look very sub-par. Wouldn’t really care, but they seemed to make a biog deal about the graphics… Maybe they were just talking about the blood splatter-y goodness 😉 that is special (Dexter would approve)!

    * inventory menu takes a little to get used to, is irritating to have to hit “X” to see stats on items… Bad usability IMO.

    So far it seems that I have a lot more complaints than things I love about it, but don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the game, and will probably play it to death multiple times. Then get it for PC (when I upgrade) and play it to death again with mods.

    Let me know what you think when you get it.

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