For the Horde!

I’ve recently renewed my World of Warcraft account. I am now very casually playing a male Blood Elf Paladin, so I can see the other side of old Azeroth before it’s changed in the new expansion, Cataclysm.

The plan right now is to level him to 60 so I see it all. Then, if I’m still not sick of him, I’m planning on leveling him to the cap, so I have a PvP character.

Why don’t I do that with my Alliance characters? Although I occasionally PvP, it’s more than clear to me that the Alliance sucks as much as a black hole in my Battlegroup. It doesn’t really matter if one or two people know how to play, and want to win. The general Alliance attitude is to shrug and content themselves with the one mark and little honour they get per battleground.

I dislike that. I want to play with people who also want to win and make an effort in that direction.

So far, I’m at level 20, having just gotten my mount after ‘talking to a man about a horse’. I’ve done most of the quests in the BElf starting area and decided to go see Silverpine Forest and start alternating between those two areas. I was getting fed up of th BElf area, and am hoping that doing some quests in another zone for a level or two will help.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed is the lack of idiot players. Sure, I’ve seen a couple of them on General Chat, but those were an exception. So far, all the people I’ve grouped with (not many, as I’m preferring to play solo) have been polite. I wasn’t expecting that, so it’s been a pleasent surprise.

The decision to play solo has a downside: I wanted to check out the Horde side’s instances I don’t know – Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns. I’m thinking of just leveling a bit more and soloing them for the sightseeing experience. It’s not an optimal solution, but it may be the best one for me at the moment.

So far, I’ve been enjoying this Horde visitor experience. Let’s see if I don’t get sick of it half way. Considering it’s the first time I get an alt to a level that high in two or three years, I may indeed get a PvP character at the level cap.

To be honest, considering my memories of the lowbie areas are fuzzy, and the TBC and Northrend areas are recent memories, I’m guessing those will be the most boring, repetitive to do (even with the Horde/Alliance differences, there are many common places). My aim, will very likely be to leave the old world at level 62 or 63, so I can skip some TBC areas, which are the ones I find less enjoyable, while being slightly above the recommended level so I can do the quests faster and still get XP at a decent rate.

Now excuse me while I go kill some Night Elf scum. :p


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