A Game of Thrones Casting

I’ve been intending to write about the castings that have been made for the A Game of Thrones HBO pilot, but had been putting it off for whatever reasons.

The urges to write the post first came when Eddard Stark had been cast, then when Daenerys Targaryen had been cast, and now when Cersei has been cast.

For these three where some of the hardest characters to cast for in my opinion, especially Daenerys. I don’t know the actress who’s playing her at all, having only seen photos, but can only hope she can convey the multitude of attitudes and feelings that Daenerys goes through along her story. without spoiling the plot, she changes a LOT throughout the first novel. The actress mustn’t only have the right look, but also the capacity to portray vulnerability and then something entirely different.

Eddard Stark I liked a lot. He was my favourite character in the first book, and I was fearful that they would get someone not very adequate. To be quite honest I’d pictured Viggo Mortensen as an ideal actor for the part. They chose Sean Bean, who I will always associate with Boromir (who I dislike), but who is a wonderful actor.

After those two had been cast, the only really difficult part to fill in was Cersei. I hate the character, and it would take someone who not only had the right look (since Cersei focuses on them so much), the right age, and be capable of acting as much as a bitch as one can. Though I’ve never seen Lena Headey portray a bitch, she does however act marvelously and I have no doubt she will fill in the shoes nicely. Since Cersei’s twin brother Jaime had already been cast as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who is brown-haired (with a very nice physique (ahem)), I’m hoping they won’t turn them into blondes just to be more coherent with the novels. There’s no need for that. All the twins need to be, looks-wise, is attractive. Fortunately they escaped the obvious casting option that was ‘lets-cast-some-guy-and-girl-that-look-to-have-come-out-from-Baywatch’.

The other casts, at least judging from the photos (since I don’t know most actors) are adequate.

I’m only wondering, now that they’ve added Lena Headey to their ranks, after already having Sean Bean, (I imagine neither has come as a very cheap choice) how high exactly is the TV show’s budget. I hope they’re not miscalculating costs to the point they end up canceling due to a bad cost/profit ratio.

But most of all, I just hope the series comes out a good one.


5 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones Casting

  1. I can’t wait for this series. I thought the choice for Tyrion (my second favorite character next to Arya) was quite good.

    I do think they will probably make them go blond or at least a dirty-blond.

    Now if only he’d finish the next book and get onto the final one before he dies. I love martin, but I’m getting impatient.

    I’m also wondering how they are going to pull off some of the scenes in the books. I know this isn’t a for-broadcast-on-cable series, but it still has to get on air without the FCC/CRTC/etc giving it an NC-17 rating 😉

  2. Funny, I also find myself often thinking that GRRM may die before he finishes the series. I mean, he’s already 60, not a thin man (making him a likely candidate for heart issues), and takes ages writing every novel. :p

    Regarding the sex scenes, I wouldn’t worry about it – HBO also has ‘True Blood’, which has pretty graphical stuff.

  3. My buddy has recommended “True Blood” before, do you like it?

    Yeah, HBO also had “Deadwood”, and then there is Showtime’s “Dexter”. Heck, they showed “The Sopranos” just about unedited on our local TV station here (nudity, sex left in, just bleeped the F-word), granted they put it on after 10pm, but still… Canada has always been pretty liberal that way 😉

    Ahh… its been sunny up here all week, and looks like it may continue with the good weather through the weekend! Time for BBQ!! (off-topic)

  4. I’ve only watched the first 8 episodes of ‘True Blood’. I’m enjoying it so far and think it’s a good show despite the series imho not being ‘masterpiece’ material. Recommended if you like vampires (the proper, non-Twilight, kind that is :P).

    Here in Portugal we usually get the uncensored versions of shows. There’s usually no issue with showing stuff like breasts on TV. Almost 20 years ago there was a Brazilian soap opera that aired on prime time which had an opening sequence involving a naked woman. Also, some of our own national soap operas (which aren’t my cup o’ tea) included nudity and were aired during daylight. Sadly, I think we’re becoming more prude as time passes. :p Ah well.

    Seems the weather will be great here also. I think I might head off to the beach to catch the last of the Summer’s sun rays. Have a nice weekend, and enjoy your BBQ. 🙂

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