Dragon Age: Origins GamesCom 09 Trailer

A new trailer for Dragon Age: Origins is here. I can’t wait for the game.

There are also some new screenshots of the game up. Check ’em out.


2 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Origins GamesCom 09 Trailer

  1. Am also looking forward to Origins (as well ass Mass Effect 2, The Old Republic, and now Fable 3). Really hasn’t been much out lately that has interested me, been finding myself going back and replaying Oblivion, FF12, etc…

    PS: I see you are a book buff and enjoy a bit of Sci-Fi. You should check out Alastair Reynolds, i think you might enjoy his writing, very good at “Space Operas” IMO.

  2. I saw some stuff now (on GamesCon also, maybe?) about Fable III that seemed interesting. I haven’t tried Fable II yet, but have been meaning to buy it for a while now. I just have made myself not get it yet, so I can play a bit more of the games we have here (some of which I barely touched).

    Yes, I like Sci-Fi. I haven’t read any sci-fi novels lately, but will check out that author’s books in case I feel the urge to read a SciFi story. Thanks for hte suggestion! 🙂

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