It’s BioWare Trailer Day here at Corusca…

This is the time of the year where the biggest video game event occurs: E3.

Yesterday Electronic Arts presented their twelve most talked about upcoming titles on E3. Among them were of course BioWare’s three upcoming titles (no word yet on their mysterious ‘next gen game’). I watched the EA live video stream and drooled at a few of the titles.

As this post’s title indicates, this will me a video-heavy post.

Mass Effect 2 – An extended cut of a previous trailer was shown and can I say ‘woohoo!’? :p I really want to play it. Too bad it’s only coming in 2010…

Here’s the extended Mass Effect 2 trailer:

Dragon Age: Origins had a new trailer and it was gory as usual. Also very good. Check it out:

The EA guys saved the best for last and showed what I think is the best game trailer for a game that I’ve seen in a couple of years. The game itself will be the first MMO fully voiced, which imho will contribute a lot to the in game immersion, much like it did on Mass Effect.

The first cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Watch and drool.

If you want to watch the very cool stage entrance that preceded the presentation of SW:TOR, go here.

For a huge list of what this year’s E3’s big action-filled games are, check it out here.

That’s all for now. Hoping for more news on the next couple of days, during E3.


4 thoughts on “It’s BioWare Trailer Day here at Corusca…

  1. It’s quite bloody yes.

    I think they’re aiming for the mature public not only because it’s a large, but also niche market, but also because the people in their mid 20s and forward generally speaking are the ones who have the income to purchase games. Also, a lot of them (like myself) are people who grew up playing their games. 🙂

  2. I know the felling ! I’m happy that companies are starting to make more mature games, not only in terms of violence of course but the themes in the stories.

    They have some ways to go still, but it’s definitely improving, and I have high expectations for this Dragon Age, let’s see if they don’t disappoint me 😛

  3. that Star Wars Old Republic trailer only makes me sad, thinking about how crappy the prequels were and how cool they could have been…
    and they stole the nuke gun from Fallout3 for Mass Effect 2 lol

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