Dragon Age: Yeah yeah yeah

I’ve been excited about some of the video games that launch this year, and lately the one that has been getting my eye most of all is Dragon Age. Origins.

BioWare did the right decision and made it a mature rated game, instead of going for a lower rating to aim to a broader market. Good. If I had to take a semi-educated guess, most of the BioWare games’ fans are people over 18 years old anyway, a lot of them being a lot older than that and having played classics such as Baldur’s Gate. So. Mature rating is good, and why do I believe that? Because when you have a mature rating you can show all the blood and guts you want, thus depicting things more realisticaly, and also, no idiots can complain about there being a sex scene in the game (much like what happened with Mass Effect). This despite it being an expected consequence of the plot of the game itself and not just a ‘just because we felt like spicing things up’ scene.

Anyway, there was a new trailer out this week (check it out a bit further down in this post), and it looks awesome, which makes me want to go an pre order the game already. However, since there are still several months until it comes out, I decided to wait a bit longer, because with any luck BioWare will release a special edition or something. Not sure but better to hold off ordering the regular version for a while longer.

Meantime, I’ve noticed there’s a prequel novel for the game – Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne. It’s still out of stock on my regular online bookstore, and that can be a good thing actually after the mountain of books we purchased recently (four more books bought at the fair after the photo was taken) – and yesterday we got Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell in hardcover on a cool bargain (we’d both been eyeing that novel for a while now) over at Fnac.

I admit I might be more excited about this one that about SW: TOR, despite the recent announcement of the Bounty Hunter class. I guess the rumors about it being RMT-based game turned me a bit off of it.


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