Music soothing my mind


2 thoughts on “Music soothing my mind

  1. Nice song ! sounds like FictionJunction Yuuka. And the clip is really nostalgic. I really liked FF X and X-2, they where the sort of games that left me sad when I finished them.

  2. I enjoyed the music. I’ve been listening to See-Saw on my Zen when I’m commuting. I love Yuki Kajiura’s work!

    She composes very inspiring music, ranging from upbeat stuff that makes you want to move and then songs like this one that make you calm (and sometimes sad depending on your mood).

    The FFX-2 clip was a ‘bonus’ – all the other clips I found with this song on YouTube were ‘meh’. This one was pretty decent, though I haven’t played FFX (but I love Lulu, she looks awesome).

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