World of Warcraft: Survival

In World of Warcraft, I’ve respeced my hunter to Survival (SV), which was a boost in DPS, although very variable depending on the group. I didn’t manage to understand exactly why, but since I’ve maintained the same rotation in all those situations, I gather it has to do with buffs (only Blessing of Might, no BoKings) and with what the other players are doing. For instance, I think some totems helped in 25 man.

It’s still mind boggling how I went from 3k-3.4k DPS on a 25 man raid on Vault of Archavon’s boss, where we didn’t even have full raid buffs, and then only do about 2-2.2k on 10 man Naxx, doing the exact same rotation. When I get the chance I’ll ask my sweetie to do some co-investigating with Wow Web Stats just so I clear up what the problem is. My guess is the lack of BoK (less crit and attack power) and the lack of some haste totem kind of thing are the biggest causes for this huge difference. Oh, and maybe the Death Knight’s Agility buff. Hm.

Anyway, tonight we hopefully have Naxx 25, and I may try the spec out again with 25 people and see how it goes. I’m gonna do some changes to the spec once I get new boots, which will increase my hit rating enough for me to swap a talent point around to get Aimed Shot (I want to try out a rotation that includes that). I will also switch 4 points I have hanging in Wyvern Sting, which I never use, to get 4 points on the group mana regeneration talent, Hunting Party, that I believe will be pretty useful for the guild. This because we don’t really have any active Shadow Priest, any Retribution Paladin, or any other class that gives the group mana.

The extra mana will make it easier to do bosses like Loatheb in 10 man, which we haven’t done yet despite having already nuked him to the ground in 25 man, due to lack of DPS. More mana = more DPS by mana-driven people, which may lead to one more dead boss.

Gear-wise, I’ve practically given up on getting the epic belt from Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, after going there once more and the last boss dropping the same frakking leather gloves it has always dropped when I went there. Ohai, Blizzard! Are you quite sure the belt is on the frakking drop table at all? It’s really annoying. I think I’ll just gather the 40 emblems and get done with it.

Since the Vault of Archavon and The Obsidian Sanctum heroic versions aren’t official guild-sponsored raids, I’m investing in going there on a PUG every week. VoA means 2 fast badges, the possibility of T7.5 chest and of PvP gear. OS, means 5 badges (10 if I’m lucky enough to get the satchel), and the chance to get Hyaline Helm of the Sniper, which is one of the best helms for me in the game and would be a HUGE upgrade, a 22 slot bag, and Fury of the Five Flights. Also, I’ll need to clear up if we’re no longer doing 10 man OS, which I’m pretty sure we aren’t, essentially so I get into PUGs for more badges.

Also, I’m getting those boots instead of going for the tier 7.5 shoulders with 20 extra badges because meantime I got new decent leather shoulders off Noth, replacing my previous also-leather crappy blue shoulders. Since the boots seem to be the best ones for Hunter currently in the game, excluding ones that drop Heroic Eye of Eternity, I think it’s a good aquisition. This means also that I’m working on getting the rest of the reputation I need with the Sons of Hodir to get the shoulder enchant. I’d stopped my reputation grind a while back because I was frustrated with the shoulders I had, but now don’t really have an excuse. :p

I’m making an effort not to simply buy all the Relics of Ulduar I’d need to get to Honored off the Auction House, but maybe I’ll get a few to speed the process up. Should only take a couple of days anyway if I kill extra mobs for the Relics. Hm…

Oh, and since I’m on an experimenting spree, I’ve been feeling a little tempted to spec to Marksmanship sometime in the future to check out how it works, and to see what’s its DPS like, to see what Blizzard considers the proper DPS for Hunters. But for now I’ll try out Survival, and minor respecs within SV because not only is it the only tree I’ve never specced for, but also because it may be quite useful due to the mana regen thing.


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