Master of Beasts

The title is not to be confused with ‘Master of Breasts’, because breasts are nice and all, but they don’t really increase one’s damage done in World of Warcraft raids. Sometimes I’ll wager, if some players are thinking about them, it might have the exact opposite effect.

But as nice as boobies are, I’m going off subject!

Back to what I meant to say.

Last week’s WoW patch nerfed hunters, more specifically, Beast Master hunters, such as myself. Yes. I thought horrors of the nerf, saying that Volley needed to be nerfed, but that the Steady Shot nerf was too much. The weeks previous to the nerf I experimented a bit with my shot rotation and even respecced after reading stuff around the web, and ended up not only doing more DPS than I did before (this is pre-nerf), but also had a rotation that wasn’t as affected by the nerf as before.

I’ve realized that a lot of BM hunters, including myself, simply spammed Steady Shot in a macro that used their trinkets when they were up, and then threw in the occasional Bestial Wrath.

We were doing it wrong.

My rotation consists of, after doing Hunter’s Mark on the mob and Miss Direction on the tank and doing some heavy fire shots so he grabs aggro quickly, first cast Arcane Shot (AS), then cast Serpent Sting, then use the Steady Shot (SS) macro until AS is castable again. Also, always keep Serpent Sting up at all times (that combined with Glyph of Arcane Shot saves you precious mana). Oh and start off using Bestial Wrath asap, so you can cast it more times during the encounter (use it when it’s up unless you won’t be able to DPS in those 10 seconds, in which case save it for when you can)

Repeat until the boss is below 20% his health. When we’re at this point, your Kill Shot (KS) will be up for usage, as soon as it is, use it. After this press Readiness so you can cast it again right after. Repeat your rotation, but at this point, always use this shot priority: 1 Kill Shot, 2 Arcane Shot, 3 Steady Shot (keep the sting up as usual but Kill Shot has priority over renewing Serpent Sting).

Other things BM hunters should do:

  • Keep Hunter’s Mark on the mob at all times. If it runs out, redo it
  • Especially when your Kill Shot will be up, be sure to remain at a range that allows you to use it
  • When you use Aspect of the Viper (AotV), throw in a Rapid Fire, so you’ll get mana faster from your fasterthanaspeedingbullet shots thus diminishing the time you’ll have the dps nerf that aspect gives
  • Use Aspect of the Dragonhawk at all times unless you need mana (don’t forget to change back from AotV once you’re good mana-wise)

And that’s all I remember right now, but there’s a ton of other stuff I’m probably not mentioning.

This post, came about after reading BigRedKitty’s (who’s blog I like) post where he compares pre nerf BM with post nerf SV (Survival) specs. If you notice, in the WWS combat stats, he only used 3 Arcane shots and 1 Kill shot the whole fight. I believe he’d be doing more damage as BM if he used a rotation as the one I use. And I’m sure of this, because before the nerf and before I started experimenting with builds and rotations, I did pretty much what he did, and when I changed to the other rotation I felt an improvement.

In fact, I’ve recently went to 25 man Vault of Archavon, after the BM nerf, and there was another BM hunter there, with gear a lot better than mine, and I was only 0.1% behind him on damage done. After looking at the WWS log of that encounter, the conclusion was yet again: you’re doing it wrong. He used the ‘spam SS’ macro (thus lots of less Arcane Shots), did 4 less Kill Shots than me, and I can’t be sure (don’t remember now), but I think I didn’t even see Serpent Sting listed there.

By the way, I’m not saying in this post that I’m an uber expert on Beast Mastery. Or that Survival is now worst than Beast Mastery (I have no clue). I contested the comparison between a non-optimal pre nerf BM rotation and what’s supposedly an optimal Survival rotation (after the Explosive Shot buff).

In fact, to conclude this post, I’d appreciate it if you had tips about what else I could do to increase my BM Hunter’s pew pew. Feel free to drop comments about that.

Oh, and if you have tips on Death Knight Blood DPS rotations and builds for leveling and then raiding, they would be even more appreciated because when I’m playing my still level 62 DK, I have no clue what the hell I’m doing most of the time. πŸ˜›


6 thoughts on “Master of Beasts

  1. Damn I used to be like this ! Do you check up on elitist jerks forums ? They have what is (or at least was some months ago) the greatest resource on number crushing and theorycraft available. I used their numbers and spreadsheets all the time to set up my rotations ..

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