… And Then They Were 25

So this is a post on World of Warcraft stuff. You may skip it all if you don’t have the slightest interest in the game but be warned you’ll be missing out on some entertaining drama description further along. There’s cursing though so, puritan readers, make an effort not to cry (so sad!) when I say words like ‘fuck’, ‘shit’ or derivatives, mkay?

Oh, and I’m not really aware of what guildies read this, other than three or so I’m friends with IRL (including the GM and the RL: ohai! *waves*), but if the drama queen guy or the kid on speeds people I will mention later read this and are offended, be warned that I don’t give a shit about what you think (it’s my blog and I talk about whatever the hell I want – you’re reading this at your own peril). And if you don’t want me writing about you being an idiot, you should stop acting like a fucktard so I only mention your uber raiding skillz from this point on. KK?

Good. Moving on.

Yesterday, on World of Warcraft, we had our first attempt at a joint incursion with another guild to 25 man instances. We started with Obsidian Sanctuary, and one-shotted the three minibosses plus the actual boss, who happened to drop two Gauntlets of the Lost Protector one of which I won (woohoo!) and the other went to my friend Rafa. I also rolled for the Large Satchel of Spoils and won it, which meant 5 extra emblems of valor.

We then proceeded to Naxx 25 to try out the first Spider Wing boss, and one-shotted him.  Next joint raid? Tuesday. I hope I’m in it.

Of course, some guild drama had to happen yesterday and made me remember why I sometimes hate playing with other people. Especially immature people who seem to blow everything out of proportion. And why I’ve avoided Portuguese-only guilds so far – for obscure reasons, Portuguese seem to love throwing mexican soap opera drama fits. Sadly, I’m an exception to this and thus hate idiot compatriots who do this often.

The actual drama happened when someone who was playing an alt when he should have already logged his main, which was the character subscribed to that night’s raid. Amidst the confusion and gazillion whispers, the Raid Leader didn’t notice he wasn’t in the raid until he asked about it on guild chat. Fortunately, the other guild had someone there who didn’t mind stepping out, and volunteered to do so when the RL said he’d forgotten to invite someone. So basically he goes on a diva fit/whining (how I love whiners!) and logs back on his alt saying it wasn’t worth it to bother logging in and that ‘now I’m not going’, sulking like a kid.

To this it’s my opinion that the RL and/or GM should have replied ‘no you’re really not and get used to it’ and not take him to raids for a while. ( I have a really low tolerance for idiotic behaviour.) But sadly, they didn’t, in what I’m guessing was an attempt to avoid drama growing out of proportion, and to avoid overemotional people throwing concurrent diva fits to ‘defend’ the ‘poor soul’ who couldn’t bother logging in his main character in time for the invites, but is so the victim in all this!!!1 😥 /sarcarsm.

Anyway to avoid all that bullshit, the raid leader explained that someone from the other guild had left so he was able to be on the raid and that him now not going would make us look bad. After a pause, where I’m guessing the whiner in question was trying to figure out what to say that wouldn’t make him look like even more of an ass, he said he was logging his main on.

So crisis averted. Aside from that and some exaggerated behaviour from someone on raid chat, where another player from our guild seemed to be a hyperactive kid on speeds (apparently he was in fact drunk). And another situation where people constantly complained about useless things like having BoM as a mage, which okay is a useless buff, but if you have BoK and BoW (which he did) just shut the fuck up about it and pew pew. Aside from those things, it went well.

Their healers weren’t as good as ours, exception of course for a paladin there who did her healing job as well as I remembered (as a priest, but no matter), and the top dps spots on bosses were theirs. So it all balanced out imho, but of course on guild people had to say ‘omg they suck’ (which okay some of them did), instead of also commenting how our pew pew was lower than theirs in some classes, namely mage, which coincidentally was the exact class of the drama guy I mentioned above.

Anyway, wish me good raids. And I wonder how long until people stop talking to me over this post, if they do learn about it. My caremeter about that possibility is currently at 0%, and will very likely remain so.

Have a nice day!


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