WoW: You Know You’ve Changed Main, When…

So I was browsing the Interwebz, when I came across a blog, Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick. This post had me nodding all most the way, the only difference being that instead of holy priest-related stuff, I thought of holy paladin stuff.

In my case, changing my main from a healer paladin to a hunter, makes me:

  • Look at health bars more often than a regular DPS on raids
  • Notice faster when someone slacks behind their buffing duty, despite only really nagging buffers right before the next combat
  • See when someone’s taking unnecessary damage
  • Praise the healers more often than other people do
  • Kind of miss the more constant invites to do instances because I’m now a pew pew, thus more easily replaceable
  • Cringe at the sight of the Paladin tier 7 (Go Go, Power Rangers!), wonder about how horrible the paladin tier 8 will be, and also wonder if they fired the guy who designed the last awesome-looking pally gear – Judgement.
  • Be intolerant about ‘omg ur healing sucks!’ comments from people who do stuff like stand in avoidable AoEs
  • Have immense amounts of fun when playing my Paladin as retribution, and thinking ‘that’s the stuff’ when you quickly squash mobs into oblivion with a 2-handed weapon among shiny holy spell animations
  • Wonder how much DPS you’d be doing as a retadin if half your gear wasn’t healing gear, considering you’re doing okay leveling with that gear right now
  • Realize you don’t have feign death or shadowmeld on your paladin and remember you can bubble/self-Holy Light instead
  • Sometimes think ‘oh crap!’ when looking at the main tank’s empty health bar
  • Sometimes point out X, Y and Z are diseased/poisoned/cursed

But unlike that blogger, I haven’t found myself missing being a healer just yet. In fact, I’m pretty sure I made the right decision when I switched to DPS and am very inclined to leave my Paladin as Retribution even after I’ve finished leveling. I may consider sometimes healing if the dual-spec thing is well implemented. Maybe. And even so, that’ll most likely happen with my druid, so I see what it’s like to heal with a different (HoTs!) healing class.


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