Entertain Me, 2009!

This year has just begun and I’m thinking of what entertainment goodies it will bring.

Movies I’m excited (or at least curious) about:

Watchmen – please don’t ruin the plot. please don’t ruin the plot. please don’t ruin the plot. I really liked the graphic novel, which is filled with delicious details, that Alan Moore has gotten me used to. I’m hoping they don’t ‘adapt’ all of those goodies out of the plot. But they will, because so much is politically incorrect. It ‘s a shame.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – not too excited about this one, but I do love ’em squirrel clips.

Terminator Salvation – Let’s see if it’s better than T3, not that it’s a difficult task

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Wanting some nice mutant pew pew action. Plus, Gambit’s in it.

Star Trek – A new start of a franchise I’ve been sick of for several years now (Peter David’s New Frontier excluded of course). I liked the trailers, even though I don’t understand why everyone keeps wearing pajamas in the 23rd century, and am hoping it will be a decent movie. The new Spock still looks creepy to me, though. The new Kirk? Oddly hawt, considering I usually don’t like blonde hair, and that I really never liked Kirk that much.

Some other sequels are out this year and I’ll very likely take a peek at them (Harry Potter, Transformers, …), but not keeping my eye on them that much.

What movies are you looking forward to this year?


3 thoughts on “Entertain Me, 2009!

  1. wow you’ve been busy!
    not too excited about any new movies aside from Tarantino’s inglourious basterds. as you mentioned, I’m more afraid for Watchmen than excited about it. hopefully there will be a couple of seemingly unknown movies that will manage to surprise me (my pick for 2008 would have to be JCVD… totally unexpected drama from Van Damme, a must see; Gomorra was also a nice surprise).

  2. but the surprising is that it is a great movie, a sort of autobiography, specially there’s a 5-6 min monologue during the movie where he talks about the success and excesses that came with it, all the crappy movies that he did just to get some extra $$, losing custody of his kids and whatnot that you really get a glimpse of his soul (yes he has one!), and all this happens in the middle of a hostage situation. there are also some moments where he sort of daydreams of how things would work if he was in one of his hollywood movies and then you see how it happens in the harsh reality of this world… shame it still has no release date in Portugal 😦

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