Posting From Lazy Land

As you may have noticed I’ve been mostly posting screenshots of my adventures in Northrend, the continent of the Wrath of the Lich King, as opposed to posting amazingly elaborate texts as you are all used to (cough).

I’ve been mostly busy both on my personal time and at work. I’m trying to optimize my free time use, and so far have managed to do more stuff than usual. Other than playing World of Warcraft (dinged 78 yesterday, woohoo!), I’ve managed to finish reading two graphic novels that my friend Jorge gave me for my birthday – All Star Superman vol. 1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly and Demo: The Collection by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan.

Both had interesting plots and characters, and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I, not being the greatest Superman fan (he can do about everything – where’s the fun in that?), loved how Morrison picked up Superman’s character and made him actually interesting in my view. Demo is a collection of short stories about people with special abilities, which I liked as a whole and could relate to a couple of the characters there.

I also read a bit more of The Tipping Point, which is an interesting enough book for me to have finished already, but lately for some reason I can’t seem to focus enough on anything when I’m commuting home from work. So that pretty much screws me out of what would me my primary reading time for that. I usually save pocket books or manga to when I’m commuting and leave graphic novels for home or for when I won’t have to walk around with them too much, since they are larger than what is convenient for me to carry around every day. Maybe I’ll recover from my semi-comatose after work state and pick up my reading pace soon so I can move on to read other stuff.

Meantime, while browsing around I found some interesting things I thought I’d share:

Steampunked Star Wars – steampunk versions of characters, vehicles, etc. from the Star Wars universe.

How to Design Characters the Square Enix Way – funny, but actually consistent with what we see in most Square Enix games.

110 Creative Advertisement For Inspiration – some very well thought of advertisements.

And that’s all for now. Brace yourselves for the very likely possibility that I will resume my posting of various WotLK screenshots. Because I’m really, really lazy.


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