Wrath And Me

Although I had another busy weekend, I managed to spend a large portion of Saturday playing Wrath of the Lich King, before heading out to a couple of friends’ (immensely fun 😀 ) birthday dinner.

So far, I’ve leveled my hunter to 73, and started a Death Knight, which I’ve only leveled once since her initial level, 55. I’ll talk about what I’ve seen so far in Wrath, and comment on a few other things I’ve seen people talk about all over the place.

I’ve mostly quested so far and done a couple of instances – Uthgarde Keep and The Nexus. The instances are nice, and The Nexus is by far one of the best looking ones in the game. In comparison with The Burning Crusade, the initial instances are more accessible to the common player, not being a leap from the ones we used to do before WotLK came out. I found them more relaxed, but maybe it’s just due to me playing an exclusive pew pew class and actually being able to enjoy the view while playing (no more staring at green bars a lot of the time o/).

The quests I can talk more about. I’ve been told that the Howling Fjord quests are more fun than the Borean Thundra ones, and was momentarily tempted to switch from BT to HF. I ended up sticking about the Thundra and after some Saturday afternoon questing, I’m glad I stayed there. I was questing with my sweetie, and we went to do some quest involving murlocs. Before these I was skeptical because the only murloc I ever liked was my pet, the adorable murloc cub, Lurky. Anyway, I’ll spoil you a bit, so skip the next paragraph if you prefer to go do the murloc quests without previous info.

We go there to talk to the King of Murlocs, Mrgl Mrgl, and end up finding out that he is in fact a guy from the D.E.H.T.A. camp in disguise, in a very silly murloc suit. Minor details that I loved: you can see a zipper on the costume’s back (saying EPC) and a little bit of the NPC’s boxers, full of little hearts. So we end up doing some quests for him, including one where we had to free a load of infant murlocs of some cages. They are just as adorable as Lurky and we had them following us all around. Another quest included us dressing up in murloc suits, carrying a while flag and wandering around to do some stuff. Fun, especially because the suit is even sillier than we thought: when we ran, one of the eyes of the costume poped out temporarily, and we found out that we could do a murloc dance if we /danced. Plus, the way we jumped was jsut priceless. Needness to say, I took a zillion screenshots, which I will eventually upload to flickr (I’ve only uploaded the three I’ve included in this post).

From these quests and others we can tell that Blizzard took one step further into the creation of really fun quests. Sure, you still get the odd ‘get me 15 ears’ or kill ‘6 bears’ quests, but there are a lot more than just these, and a lot of them are so much fun, either due to the mechanic of the quest, or little details you see while doing the quests.

Some details I loved:

  • The Murloc suits. Seriously fun for all the reasons I mentioned two paragraphs back.
  • On a ‘get the items off the wolves poop’ quest, the wolves do the funniest animation when pooping. I’ll just say that they should eat more fibers.
  • The lines some NPCs say are amusing. One that pops to mind is the poachers when they get the fake furs we set into the traps saying ‘It’s a miracle! The beast skinned itself!’
  • The names of some achievements. I still say the max cooking one should be called ‘Even better than Mama!’ as a homage to that wonderful cooking game, Cooking Mama.
  • The Giant Turtle ships – will post screenshots later.
  • Being parachuted off a gryph

I was checking out some reputation rewards, and they managed to include one that I really want. A pet penguin. Yes, you read right. I want a pet penguin and I don’t care if it means getting exhalted with a faction, especially because the other exalted reward is a very cool, epic fishing pole, which has an interesting feature: underwater breathing. Both are must-haves and since there are some quests for this faction that are done in the Howling Fjord, over there I might go as soon as possible so I make them while they are still green quests for my level, or at least I hope they still are.

Oh yeah, and of course I’ve already made my Death Knight, a cool-looking dark-skinned/white-haired female draenei. Dark skin with those creepy glowing eyes is made of win.


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