Games I Would Like to Play

There are several things I’d like to do, assuming I’ll have some free time on the two three-day weekends ahead, or on my still faraway x-mas vacations. I’m already getting all the Christmas gifts before time so I can avoid malls packed with people near X-Mas eve, thus not wasting my time and stressing too much. Of course, I just know that something will come along and ruin my very much needed R&R, but a girl can dream, and this girl is a gamer who wants to play some games.

What games am I curious about or want to play?

Let us start with games we’ve already bought but haven’t played much. Namely, Assassin’s Creed, Viva Piñata! (still the cutest game around), GTA4, and The Force Unleashed. All of these I’ve started, but ended up not playing much for one reason or the other, none of which was due to the quality of the games. All three seemed cool.

Others include:

The Witcher for PC. I’ve tried this out, before the Enhanced Edition came out and I liked what I say back then. Eventually, when it goes down a few euros, I’ll get the Enhanced Ed. and actually play the thing. It sold 1 million units, and was made by an unknown game developer in Poland, based on some fantasy novels written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. We need more independent cool, original games and this is one of them.

Cooking Mama 2 for the Nintendo DS. Yes, I’ve played this quite a bit, but haven’t unlocked a lot of recipes so I would like to do at least that. I loved the first one and this one is even better – more recipes, etc. Apparently a gardening version of this is being worked on and, recently Taito registered the name ‘pet Shop Mama’ which indicates there might be another Mama title in the future. Can’t wait for either. They’ll be hours of fun, I’m sure.

Fallout 3 for PC. Haven’t tried it at all, but I’ve heard wonders of the game from all who have. Plus it’s a roleplaying game and it’s sci-fi, which is something I like to play sometimes instead of just fantasy set games, which get boring after a while.

Sins of a Solar Empire for PC. Real-time strategy game, made by an independent developer company that sold half a million copies. I have been extremely curious about this game. Especially because it was another proof that the quality of a game will make it sell and that is regardless of it being made by a large developer company. Plus, I haven’t played an RTS in ages, and it’s a space-based RTS, which makes it even more interesting. I was a huge fan of Star Wars Rebellion, which was, for those of you who don’t know it, an RTS much like Master of Orion but on a Star Wars setting.

Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii. I hardly played this and it might be an idea to work out a bit. The price still beat forking out a gym subscription and monthly fee and then not going.

Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode I for the Xbox 360 or the PC. It’s been ages since I have played an adventure game, and this one seems to be good. Plus it was based on one of the best video game based webcomics around – Penny Arcade. It has recently turned ten years old, so happy birthday, Penny Arcade.

Last, but not least, I want to play more of Wrath of the Lich King. I haven’t played much on the first week, and would like to have more time to level up and go instancing.

As you may have noticed, my list is long and I will certainly have a lot of difficulty playing these games, but like I said earlier, a girl can dream.


4 thoughts on “Games I Would Like to Play

  1. I hear you. although I don’t have that new age addiction named “WoW”, I would love to have some free time to try out that space horror game ‘Dead Space’ (I don’t normally enjoy survival horrors but the scifi elements on this one are enough to pull me in), Bully (this one has been on the waiting list for some years), replay The Witcher [now] Enhanced Edition (along with the new ministories that came out), take a look at Fallout 3, play some more Assassin’s Creed and after playing out Grim Fandango the other week, I’ve been feeling an urging to replay Monkey Island… Oh and that sins of solar empire? I would love to play that one too. A friend of mine is completely addicted to it and for what I’ve seen, if I start playing it I’ll too!
    so much to play, so little time 😦

  2. This post was just about the games I want to play, but I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even assembled the huge LEGO Star Destroyer my sweety gave me on my birthday. Mostly because it will take at least an entire afternoon to assemble, but still…

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