E.S. Posthumus

I’ve only now realized these guys, from a band called E.S. Posthumus, is responsible for several musics I enjoy. More recently, I discovered that the opening theme for ‘Cold Case’, which I love is by this band.

According to wikipedia, “E.S. Posthumus (…) is an independent music group that produces cinematic style music. It is a form of epic classical that fuses intertwined drum beats with orchestral and electronic sounds. Their music is inspired by the Pythagorean Philosophy which states that “music is the harmonization of opposites; the conciliation of warring elements”. The E.S. is an acronym for “Experimental Sounds” while Posthumus is a word that represents “all things past”.

I often enjoy music that mixes completely different styles, metal and opera, choir and electronic, and any combinations between. From what I’ve been hearing of their work in YouTube, they have a musical style very much to my liking. Not only that, but I’ve discovered that one of their songs is named after a portuguese place – Estremoz.

Anyway I’ll stop babbling for now and just leave you with what is still my favourite of their repertoire – Nara.


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