Back to WoW I Will Soon Go

It’s been ages since my last World of Warcraft-themed post, but now that Wrath of the Lich King, the new WoW expansion approaches, it’s unavoidable that I’ll talk about it.

We’ve already pre-purchased a Collector’s Edition and will do so also of a normal edition. The point of this is to not waste money to get duplicates of the art book, soundtrack and other items, and to same money in the process. Since my sweetie isn’t bothered not to have Frosty, which is the only in-game enhancement you get if you buy the CE instead of the standard edition, we’re content with this decision.

Anyway, I started writing this as I read Massively’s article, A WoW burnout’s guide to Wrath of the Lich King, which talks about what new stuff the expansion brings. I’m still suffering from WoW burnout, even though I liked playing with some real life friends the last time I had the account active. I think mostly because of all the problems that happened in my hardcore raiding guild (not the original hardcore guild, which was a decent one) which destroyed a lot of the enjoyability I felt when I played with nice people. Also, I burned through most of the content pretty fast, which now would mean if I played that I’d be reliving places over and over again.

The new areas that the expansion will bring, where we will level another 10 levels, up to 80, will be novel as will the instances. I’m undecided as to which class I should play as my main one, which is posing part of the problem for my return.

As much as I enjoy healing, I’m tired of the whole whack-a-mole concept of it in WoW. These past months I’ve played games like Age of Conan and Warhammer Online, and I’ve played those as a healer, but with a catch – unlike WoW (as it was at that particular time), healers in both those MMOs weren’t merely healbots. They pew pewed mobs into oblivion and the more damage they did to mobs, the more they could heal. Melikes this concept. And yes, I am aware that Shadow Priests in TBC were pretty much doing doing something like what I’ve just described. Small problem: of all the three characters I have at level 70, none is a Priest and I couldn’t be arsed leveling yet another character from scratch. (this is the part where I say ‘Ohai, Blizzard, can I haz a /level command, so my char is at least 55 as Death Knights are?’)

Anyway, I’d like to change from a healbot to something else. Something more pew pew. I’ve been reading about the Paladin’s Retribution tree and I think Blizzard, after over three years has finally realized they might make it a bit more useful than it was before, and have turned them into something like a melee Shadow Priest. Now, this would be completely awesome for me as I like melee and I like healing, were it not that Paladins sadly can’t dual-wield, which is something I love. On the other hand a pure DPS class, like, say, my Huntard would be most probably easier and less stressful to play than a pew pew healer.

Not only this but I’m facing a dilemma, which most likely will only be answered when I try my first 10 man instances on WotLK. I need to know how much I enjoy the 10 man versions of the 25 man raid instances in relation to the 25 man instances. I need to know if I’d be most content (though not 100% content) if I played my Huntard as my main in my RL friends’ guild, or if I should be a back up raider in my hardcore raiding guild (HCRG).

The problem with the HCRG (focused on 25 man instances) is that their raids start at 19h00 GMT, which for me is not so great. It would mean I’d have to leave work early (though not earlier) and run home, then immediately sit in front of the computer, login, whisper for an invite to the raid and start playing. No room for dinner-eating, much less making. I really didn’t like this when I was raiding with the other guild, because it made my day a lot more stressful, due to the worry of not wanting to be late so I didn’t potentially hold the raid back. Also, at the time most days I was at my parents’ house, which would mean my dinner was already made and I didn’t need to worry about it.

The problem with the real life friends guild (which I’m guessing will focus on the 10 man instances) is that, although the raid start schedule is a lot better – 21h30 GMT, it tends to prolong itself past 23h30, which is not that great for us as we need to get up early the next day. A couple of days my boyfriend needs to get up before 7am, so he’d get less than seven hours of sleep. And I’m pretty sure he was pondering to join this guild with his main character, which I think is something he was pondering it recently. I guess we would have to try it out to see how manageable it would be.


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