Gamers are More Likely to Have a Life

A recent study shows that gamers are more likely to do a lot of things, including have a social life, than their non-gamer counterparts.

Listing the statistical data, it looks like this:

  • 55% of gamers are married
  • 48% have children
  • single gamers twice as likely to date
  • average age of new gamers: 32
  • average household income $79,000, better than non gamers’ $54,000
  • are more socially active than non-gamers
  • 13% more likey to go to the movies
  • 11% morely likely to play sports
  • 9% more likely to go out with friends

Suddenly people realized we gamers have a life. Wow, I never saw that one coming!

I’ve been playing video games since I was a young girl (maybe 7 years old? I can’t remember), and have kept playing them while growing up, still play regularly (when my busy life allows it) and, wonder of wonders, I have a life. A real world, social, work, family life.

I have a healthy amount of friends, I share a house with my soon-to-be-husband boyfriend who is also a gamer, we go out with our friends every week, sometimes several days a week, we have jobs we generally enjoy, we go to the movies, we go to bars, we organize dinners and social encounters, we go for walks in forests and beaches, we travel and visit places in leisure, we help out our families and friends.

Summing it up: we spend a lot of our time away from our PCs and consoles, in the real world, talking with real people.

If anything, we socialize more than non-gamers. We keep in touch and talk to each other in online games when we can’t physically meet, for instance on weekdays, generally there is no availability to meet after work due to having to work the following day, but we use online games as a complement to the real life meetings. We chat about real life stuff, and everything you can think up, really, while playing other in-person games, like board games and pen & paper roleplaying games at someone’s house.

We use games as complement to our real life, not the other way around, and it’s about time everyone else started realizing it.

People have only recently started to see that gamers aren’t nerdy-looking guys, with thick glasses, suspenders, awful haircuts, and a horrible fashion sense. Gamers are every single kind of person. Gamers are young, old, career-driven, social-life-driven, fat, thin, caucasian, of african ascent, asian, *insert every other ethinicity you can think of*, straight, gay, bisexual, religious, agnostic, atheist, tall, short.

We’re not people who live in our parents’ basements. We’re regular people just like non-gamers. And…

We’re everywere! 😉


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