Blizzard News From BlizzCon

Some revelations on Blizzard’s upcoming games throughout the weekend.

Diablo 3’s third class was revealed – the Wizard. Although there was an initial confusion regarding a picture of the class selection screen, no showing (accidental or otherwise) of other classes was made. After a more careful look, it seems to have both versions (male and female) of the three classes we already know of: Witch Doctor, Barbarian and Wizard. The male Wizard is simply ‘ghostly’ probably because it was the one with the choice focus.

It was also revealed that StarCraft II would be released in three separate games, one for each faction – Terran: Wings of Liberty, Zerg: Heart of Swarm, and Protoss: Legend of the Void. Despite having no doubt that Blizzard will be able to deliver these marvelously, it still reeks of milking the cow. Unless they make each one cost something like 20-25 euros, which I very much doubt.

Those were pretty much the two highlights of this year’s BlizzCon so far. No chin-dropping revelations an nothing really new about World of WarCraft.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard News From BlizzCon

  1. I know that lately I’ve been sounding a little too much anti-blizz but come on they’re asking for it. that dividing of StarCraft II would be more acceptable if a noticeable price reducing was projected… which I also doubt.
    Another thing: Diablo3 is still on the works, and yet they’re already talking about what’s coming in the expansion pack (like which new class)… geez!

  2. Apparently there was some extra informationm about the StarCraft II three-way split:

    “”Effectively each game in the will be an expansion,” Sigaty explained when I told him of our reader’s initial concerns about buying the same game three times with a different single player component. Think Warcraft III’s The Frozen Throne, or the original StarCraft’s Brood War.

    Each new single player campaign will come with upgrades and changes to the multiplayer. The main difference here is that instead of giving you a tacked-on extension of the single-player experience as you often find in an RTS expansion, each title comes with a fully realized campaign.”

    Read the whole thing here.

    So the two other parts are expansions… hm. I wonder especially about the prices.

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