Danny Choo a.k.a. Stormtrooper in Tokyo on CNN

Danny Choo, known to most as Tokyo’s resident Stormtrooper was interviewed by CNN.


4 thoughts on “Danny Choo a.k.a. Stormtrooper in Tokyo on CNN

  1. what a life that guy has… it helps to have a loaded parent.
    in other news: The Witcher Enhanced Edition is coming out today in Europe! weee! me goin’ to pick my copy later today ^^ me happy

  2. I’m thinking about what path I’ll take to get the game. Either a second hand copy at Game UK and then download the huge patch for the enhanced stuff, or… wait longer and then buy the Enhanced Edition when it’s cheaper.

    Decisions, decisions…

  3. I don’t think waiting will do you much good: these version full of goodies tend to maintain the same price here in PT… The stores are still selling the first collectors edition package at the original price of €70 even after this updated version with one or two more goodies is out in the stores for €50! and when I was scouting for options guess what: some clerks from different stores wanted to sell me the original one has being the new “enhanced edition”, which, needless to say, they didn’t know was coming out or even what it was.
    anyway, I went and bought online from the UK for £29 with shipping (close to €38).

  4. Oh, but I wasn’t talking about buying it here in Portugal, where we get a used Assassin’s Creed for at least three times as much money as we would if we bought it as Game UK (15 euros for an AC over there was a real bargain), including if we tried to buy it in the Portuguese Game stores.

    I’ve decided a while ago to avoid buying games in Portugal, because if I get them from online stores, they are inevitably a lot cheaper. The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360 was around 15 euros cheaper than if I’d bought it in any Portuguese store (including mailing fees), and it only got here a couple of days later. Usually Game UK even delivers the new games on launch (like it did with our Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey, IIRC), or just a couple of days after that, and I can live with that if I save 15 euros or more.

    Be it new games or used games, unless I have a good reason for needing to buy them here in expensive-games-land, I’ll stick to online stores. 😛

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