Warhammer Online: Live – An Update

It’s being an almost trouble-free Warhammer Online: age of Reckoning launch here in Europe, in a bright contrast to the disaster that the open beta start was. Let’s forget about that part of the Open Beta, shall we?

The only non smooth thing about this launch are the huge server queues, but those were expected. The day before yesterday the pre order SE headstart begun and the queue reached over one and a half hours at prime time. Thankfully when I finally managed to get it, at around 21h30 GMT there was not only no queue, but also no horrifying lag issues. Maybe because I was no longer doing the level 1-5 zone, where most players were probably playing.

Anyway, there was also another glitch which influenced me. My main nickname was taken the second the servers opened for the CE headstart on Sunday. So I was disappointed, but accepted it as something that usually happens in MMOs. I was hoping it was due to a bug that locked some untaken names, but tried the rest of the day and also Monday morning and nothing. I was quite surprised that when I got home Monday evening, and having already been informed of the huge queues, deciding to try to register the name once more. And guess what? It worked. And I did the happy dance. By then my Disciple of Khaine was already level 9, and I wasn’t feeling inclined to start over, so that, plus the fact that the whole server seems to love Zealots and Disciples of Khaine… I shall make my Witch Elf have that name. It’s basically swapping between the name I’d chosen for the DoK and the one I wanted for the WE. No biggy.

Oh I also managed to get it on my Order server. Yay, and stuff.

Now onwards to some observations. I was wondering why both I and my boyfriend (playing a Black Ork) were losing most the time on PvP, when in the beta test while playing on Chaos we won most of the time. We reached the conclusion that this is happening because the Dark Elves lack a tank class and the greenskins lack a melee dps. Chaos has all of those plus casters dps and a decent healer class that everyone and their pets is playing – the Zealot. On the other hand, the Empire doesn’t have a tank either, so that also increases their chances of losing to their Chaos counterparts. This is a consequence of the class removal Mythic did a while ago, since the four classes all fit in the parts that are lacking in each faction. It leaves me wondering what it would be like of they hadn’t. Would the Destruction win most the time? Or the Order? Or… God forbid, would it be balanced? I do wonder.

All of this leads me to conclude that for me to get my Destruction PvP epix, renown rank and XP, I shall take my lady elven characters to the Chaos area and queue up for pvp there or to wherever they are lacking (Witch Elf to Greenskin territory, and so forth).

About the PvE, I’m liking it. So far I have never ran out of quests, always kept busy and managing to get XP at a decent pace. Also, the Public Quests I like. Not only do you get XP, but also the odd PQ chest loot (got my two swords doing the same PQ twice and ranking high enough/getting a decent roll. You can also get Influence points on each chapter which you can then use to get items from a vendor in the respective chapter. The PQs make it more of a multiplayer game while leveling than WoW’s PvE leveling.

I also need to check out the Renown Rank rewards. I’m at rank 6 or something like that and want to know what goodies I can purchase to help with my leveling speed as I want to play my Witch Elf soon. i was thinking of saving the gold for my mount, but it’s 6 gold and I’m already at over 2.5g half way to level 20, where you can get yer mount. So I don’t think gold will be an issue.

I haven’t tried out any instance yet, but would like to see if I could arrange a group with some friends who are also playing on my server soon.

EDIT: seems I was wrong and the mount is 15 gold. oops. 😛


3 thoughts on “Warhammer Online: Live – An Update

  1. My inner voices kept telling me that this is warhammer and as such I had to try it, so I did.

    Seems fun (only played 6 levels) though until now the quests are all the standard go there kill stuff come back, but the public quests are really a great idea. PVP being accessible from the first level is also nice.

    What bothered me a little is that even though it’s easy to find a party to do public quests pvp or whatever, most of the time no one talks to each other. In the few hours I spent in the game I think I saw two player typed phrases, and one of them was mine. Not only that but even though people join in a party for public quests more often then not, they don’t help each other, and each goes it’s separate ways killing stuff …

    Is this normal ? Maybe the RP realms are a bit better ?

    I no longer have friends to play with (either don’t want any more mmogs (good for them :P) or are sticking to wow) but it’s hard to make new ones when no one speaks to each other :

  2. One thing I liked about the non-public quests was that when you were asked to get 10 heads off a certain mob type, all of those mobs had heads, unlike on WoW where there seems to be an epidemic of headless or earless mobs all over the world.

    About the not-much-talk thing. It happens to me also and it doesn’t bother me, but then again I’ve been whispering RL friends on occasion. I’ve had the odd encounter with nice people who I’ve grouped with or talked to, even spending an entire evening grouped with a nice fella who played a Chosen in the open beta. I guess it’s mostly a matter of luck.

  3. I guess ! Since wow open the way mainstreaming MMOS we got a little of everything, and since the game is just beginning most people are still trying to find their way . How I miss the first days of WoW The wiping in the noob areas with a party of 4 😛

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